Separatism in Somalia?

Can someone explain this to me? How many states have declared themselves independent from Somalia? I know Somaliland is. Can a Somali explain this to me? Here's aleast of States( I got this off Wiki).

States and regions:






Khatumo State

Which of these are trying to succeed? I know there are many so can you explain them too? I heared that Puntland is not trying to succed but why was it prasing Jubbaland for declaring statehood? Also why do 4 of these end in "Land" its sounds very stupid and repetitive. Honestly this serves no perpous besides the destruction of Somalia. I truly hope things can go back to normal or at least improve in Somalia.

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  • 8 years ago
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    It has everything to do with clans. Certain clans form majorities in certain regions. In Somaliland, it's a certain tribe, in Puntland it's another, etc. The regions that push for independence is trying to separate totally from other clans and usually try to assert their own clan's supremacy when praising their region or when putting others down.

    Puntland does not seek independence but it may be trying to be positive towards Jubbaland as there are some resentments among people who push for Jubbaland's independence towards the clan that forms the majority in Puntland. Traditionally the people of Puntland have been said to have more dominant over the region in Jubbaland, holding most of the power. So to try and be supportive of their rise to power and independence, I suppose, could be an attempt at trying to create peace.

    I think the use of "land" came from the British. The British colonized Somaliland (which the British called "British Somaliland"), the Italians colonized Hamar (ie. the south) and Puntland (altogether known as "Italian Somaliland" by the British), and the French colonized Djibouti which the Europeans separated from Somalia. Before colonization, it is said that certain tribe(s) held most of the power of governance over most parts of Somalia - for centuries, perhaps. After independence, there was an attempt at regaining prosperity to Somalis but others were more concerned about changing the historical distributions of power. When they felt that change was not totally made and when certain clans felt hostile because of discrimination targeted towards them, people attempted coups. This led to the overthrow of the government.

    Since this overthrow, Somalis have either hoped for peace for all of Somalia, hoped for the rise of their own clan through separation, or have given up on Somalia totally. Somaliland simply used the name given to them by the British colonizers, Puntland used the word "land" but Punt comes from the old Egyptian name for that region of Somalia (Land of Punt), and others also followed.

    Somalis are as tribalist as ever, even those outside of Somalia. Even young Somalis who've grown up outside of Somalia or who have never seen Somalia might ask other Somalis "what city is your family from?" as an attempt at finding out their tribe. I don't think anything in Somalia will truly change until this tribalist and partisan mentality (embodied by the separatism that possesses the dreams of too many Somalis) is rooted out.

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