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RP--I was listening to James Bond themes,and a parody came to mind.Would you C/C pls?+thanks?

iRONSPiNE (menacing music playing)

His mind was kind, his soul was gold

But then a crash turned his heart cold

His nerve once sure, his backbone true

But what was left broke him in two

So he layed out as things went in

At four parts metal, one part skin

Just building rage right down the line

'Til he stepped off as iRONSPiNE

And every rogue state wanted bad

Well that's exactly what he had

The other fools so good, so true

Received his spine , it went right through

Today he's killing at his trade

An evil grin and verteblade

He'll have his reign if he's inclined

'Cause you can't rust an iRONSPiNE

COPYRIGHT 5-20-2013 William Weitzel. All Rights Reserved

NOTE: My brother just had back surgery, this is his nickname!


Thomas, actually my brother did have spinal surgery about a month ago, and they used a bunch of screws and brackets, so the poem's not that far off. Dave my brother weighs 305 lbs, and he's 5'8'', so he may have caused a lot of his own problems. I'm 5'4'', and about 145, so I think he's adopted.

Update 2:

Anyway Thomas, a lot of the poem is fictitious, and that's good because if Dave had a weapon in his spine, I'd have to hire Bond. Mini Me did call and said they want to make a film--------NOT!----Take Care, Good to hear from you----Keep Writing----------william

Update 3:

Thomas, as far as the small i's, I just did it to catch the (i's) get it? I did the same thing with the "Falling" poem about a falling leaf, I put the title vertical above the poem. Business Administration was my major in college, and I always go overboard on the marketing aspect of everything. I had to post this poem 4 times to get 6 answers, so I'm not doing too good at marketing, or asking questions, I guess---------william

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  • Thomas
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    william w

    Man, I would have some close to getting this one ww,

    but just worked my a-rse off on a poem/song....has a

    lot to do with one of your prior arrangements, which

    by the way was outstanding, lol (can't stop laughing

    and can't keep a straight face, sorry) I put comment

    on that poem.

    Good sentence structure used and rhyme spine eloquent

    as well.

    I don't get the small i's though, unless was his first name

    Ron>? just thinking out loud.



    Now able to identify with Ironspine it put a breath of life

    into your piece, for real.

  • 7 years ago

    Gosh, I can't wait for the movie to come out. It certainly sounds more interesting than a lot of stuff being offered this year.

    (The theme for Thunderball might work as the tune)

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