What is the difference between Canadians & Americans?

Canadians don't really seem different

than Americans so i was wondering

how they're different. Are there

really any vast differences? How

different of a country is canada as

compared to america?

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  • SteveN
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    7 years ago
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    If you read some of the answers you've been getting, you may be detecting a little irritation in the responses. I think it's because we get so many people who try to belittle our country, and they may feel your trying to do the same thing by asking this question.

    In all honesty, the average Canadian is indeed not very different from the average American. We wake up, have breakfast, drive or commute to work, do our jobs, and come back home to our families. We have barbecues on summer weekends and holidays. We listen to similar music. We often watch the same shows. Most of us Canadians drive the same make and model of cars as Americans do.

    Where we tend to differ is along certain political topics. Topics like gun control, the death penalty, abortion, religion, social programs like universal healthcare and a few other areas tend to be touchy subjects on both sides of the 49th parallel.

    But when Sandy came ashore in New England, Canadian electrical crews were working with US teams to help restore power. When Canada was hit with a massive ice storm that toppled hydro-electric towers, American crews were up here doing the same thing. We are like cousins that may have been raised differently and act or speak differently, but we still like each other and try to help each other out.

  • 7 years ago

    In economy Canada is different, and better by a lot.

    In nature i like America's vast deserts, and beautiful palm tree beaches

    Americans like guns well some do

    Canadians like to have peace but we still have gun shootings

    American people are the same as Canadians, i dont really think of hating a country because of its people. There is rude people everywhere.

    Overall USA and Canada are the best countries in the world :)

  • MattH
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    7 years ago

    For the most part we are pretty similar. OUr countries share a long history together. If you dig deep enough into our past, you'll see why we are so similar. We basically stem from the same colonial legacy. But without sounding too academic, there are some differences. Notably the French element in Canada that isn't present in the US. Although most French Canadians live in Quebec, they still make up about 28% of the population of the country and having two different dominant cultures form a country has led to some pretty interesting policies and ways of governance.

    In the US there's alot more of a Hispanic/Black influence especially in the south and southwest. Proportionally Canada has slightly fewer visible minorities, but they are different ones. Here there's more natives, immigrants from Asia and Europe. We don't have the racial legacy of the US. That doesn't really have anything to do with Canadians being "nicer", it just has to do with Canada not having plantation agriculture in from the 16th to 19th centuries.

    There are all the differences that every country has... different currency, different laws, ways of governance, etc. Culturally I think there's alot more of a difference between us and "visible minorities" than us and Americans. It's probably alot like the differences between Germany and Austria, or Colombia and Venezuela. There are differences due to location and tradtiion, but when you compare them to REALLY different places (ie: China) they seem to have alot more similarities than differences.

  • 7 years ago

    Most Canadians live in Canada and are proud of their country.

    Most Americans do not realize they are really United States Citizens and that the Americas is two continents with many nations.

    Canada is bigger and has less people. Having the obvious advantages and disadvantages of those two main things when compared to the United States.

    Vast differences not really but many small things are just different not better or worse just different.

    For an Immigrant they are both very hard to move to.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Canadians come from Canada, American's from America. Accents different. Weather is different. Some part of Canada speak French.

  • epona
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    7 years ago

    Canadians are citizens of Canada.

    Americans are citizens of The United States of America.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Canadians live in Canada, Americans live in America. :P

  • 7 years ago

    Being Canadian I don't fear a foreign invasion or any sinister designs of my government or fear my own citizens to the point I need a weapon for protection against such things. I couldn't even imagine teachers having concealed weapons or having a legacy of armed schools to leave my children never mind an armed school being a solution to a problem - that just seems bizarre from my side of the border.

    Canadians have Universal Healthcare, many in the USA deem such things socialist and Communist leaning.... I think such programs benefit Canada, in the USA there seems to be quite the outcry that such programs are un-American.

    Canadians believe in world peacekeeping, the USA believes in world policing.

    In my mind flying a armed drone over a foreign land is an act of war, it certainly would be if North Korea flew a drone over the USA and took out Americans... but in the USA they justify such things thinking armed drones over other Sovereign nations is perfectly acceptable.

    The USA has had a trade embargo against Cuba for decades, Canadians on the other hand have been sending Cuba humanitarian aid for years and years.

    In Canada nobody cares about skin tone, country of origin, gender, other peoples sexual preferences... hardly things to judge a person badly for... the USA doesn't federally recognize gay marriage and has stuff like that Chik Fil A incident.

    Canada is where United Empire Loyalists came seeking to escape persecution in the USA, same with black slaves, same with Native Americans seeking to escape Manifest Destiny...

    The two countries don't speak the same language - color - colour, favor - favour, center - centre, theater - theatre.

    Once you get past the superficial there is a world of difference between the two... culture, society values, world reputation, in countless ways.

    Hope that helps :)

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Canadians sound like Americans to the untrained ear but Canadians are very British minded.

  • 7 years ago

    There may be a little less of a race problem between blacks and whites due to Canada not really having had much part in the slavery issue of times past.

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