I am a volunteer fire fighter. Would I get into trouble if I was speeding to go to a fire call?

I live about 10 minutes away from my fire station and if a call comes in would i be able to drive faster and not get in trouble?

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    Apply for a red beacon and siren permit and take a "code-three" driving course. Until then, don't speed and obey all traffic laws.

  • Bruce
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    7 years ago

    Although the officer is more likely to give you a break, you can still get a ticket. You could also be dismissed from the fire department.

    Speeding without emergency lights is dangerous, as the other drivers you encounter don't know you have an emergency. You need to either get approval from your fire chief to install emergency lights or you need to obey traffic laws.

    Source(s): Law enforcement since 1991
  • HD
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    7 years ago

    you could get a ticket unless you're authorized to have a red light and siren, but if you know the cop he'd probably let you go.

  • Cee
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    7 years ago

    What Lovi said.

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  • 7 years ago

    what lovi says and what the guy says about what lovi says

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