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Do any liberals really believe conservatives actually ....?

For dirty air

For dirty water

Are Anti minority

Are Anti equal rights for homosexuals or anyone for that matter

For torture

Think all Muslims are terrorist

Think Obama is a bad president because he is black

Anti women and women's rights

Don't want equal pay for equal work

Think the universe is less than 10 thousand years old

Think Rush Limbaugh is a racist homophobe misogynist

Want people to die without proper housing, food, education, healthcare?


So Hal of flav - you truly believe that? It's not just Inflammatory hyperbole. You've answered many of my questions, do you consider me a typical conservative? Have I ever said anything that would lead you to believe any of the accusations above are true?

The reason I ask is they are all false of every conservative I know and I know thousands and thousands of them.

Update 2:

Justin I think there's a distinct difference on this issue between the left and right. We on the right think liberals generally want the best for people, our country, society, it's just you are foolish, incompetent and ignorant and therefore support politicians and causes that actually make things worse rather than better. However the left thinks we actually want to make things worse and are evil. Do you get what I'm saying?,

Update 3:

Justgrandma - You didn't disappoint.

Thanks to everyone else for your answers. They are excellent. I'm in the process of writing an opinion peace for the local paper. Its about how liberals are ignorant and need sensitivity training. Starting with school teachers so they can stop telling kids what conservatives are when they are clearly clueless. I don't know any conservatives that believe what you guys seem to think they believe. I'm comparing you to the folks that truly believed blacks were property and livestock. "Its not that you are stupid its what you know is wrong", Ronald Reagan.

Update 4:

Let me put it this way. If you could name any known conservative that believes any of these horrible things I will condemn them and if they are running for office I will work to have them defeated. BUT you must prove it. Show me the statement and the context of them saying not someone else saying they said it or did it.

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  • Andrew
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    7 years ago
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    Well, given that's the way Conservative politicans vote, and that they're supposed to be representing the will of those who vote them in...

    As the saying goes, 'where there's smoke, there's fire...'

    But no, I don't think ALL conservatives think that way. They don't actually WANT dirty air or water, they just don't want to pay extra to PREVENT it. Same thing with a lot of the rest of the points you make: you may not WANT it, but you don't make it a priority to PREVENT it...

    Which has much the same effect as actively encouraging the ones who DO want it.

  • justa
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    7 years ago

    I think that the more religious right certainly does believe the universe is less than ten thousand years old, and the rest of is pretty much on a person to person basis, and the problem is that what used to be conservative is now a trash can for people who do believe the rest of it, except they think that Rush and Beck are the new truth-tellers. because they themselves are racist and homophobic and misogynist. In short today's conservative has nothing to do with the Goldwater and Buckley conservative.

    Like Republican, you either take your point of view back or you lose what you were and become something else, right now, you're something else.

    You seriously want me to answer you now that you've called me foolish, incompetent and ignorant?

  • 7 years ago

    no but If I convinced millions of people that I was an Alien from mars, they would truly believe that.

    People won't, and some can't think for themselves so they just follow the crowed believing that is popular belief at the time rather that collect facts.

    Ok you could say that Republicans don't like President Obama because they don't believe in his bad policies. Of someone could beef that up a bit by saying, Republicans don't like President Obama because he's black, (which btw he Isn't) but If they can get people to believe them...In there minds it becomes true.

    And if you disagree with me. you discriminate women over age 40....(just saying)

  • Justin
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    7 years ago

    Some do , some dont, same as the misperceptions on the others side.. ( i dont think i need to list them) , your average conservative or liberal are good people, its the parties manipulation of their followers that generates the extreme views to keep them distracted from the fact that the people running our government are corrupt and self serving.

    Source(s): Tough to police them when they have most of the country mad at each other.
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  • Biba
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    7 years ago

    They aren't "for" dirty air and water, but if that's the price to be paid so some company can rake in big bucks, they're for it. As for the rest, yes, except they DON'T think Limbaugh is a racist, homophobic, misogynist and he is.

  • Anonymous
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  • 7 years ago

    From looking at YA over the past few years, I'd have to say MOST do.

  • Vanity
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    7 years ago

    From their mouths to our ears...yes.

    You seriously don't see them fixing anything do you?

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Those are the impressions they have given to me, ans it seems like they worked hard to do so

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    if it walks like a duck...

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