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Sweat shops. Are clothes cheaper out of India or China?

Which is now more profitable for business in other countries?

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  • Sandy
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    7 years ago
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    China was the dominant force, five or 10 years ago, but wages in China have tripled, and so garment producers find it much more expensive to produce in China. And so, if all of a sudden it becomes too expensive to pay your workers, then that will be the reason that the production will tend to start to move to lower-cost places. Vietnam and Bangladesh are examples, Pakistan, India. The industry’s centre of gravity is moving south. Labour costs in China, once the preferred location for clothes production, are rising. This pushes low-skill manufacturing jobs into India, Pakistan, Cambodia, Vietnam and, in particular, Bangladesh, where clothes now make up 75% of exports.

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  • 4 years ago

    I suppose there are just a few comments to be made right here: If which you can come up with the money for to shop in areas that sell UK made uniforms at four times the cost of international made items, go ahead, and congratulations you can. There are alot of individuals within the UK residing on the breadline, so they have got no choice to buy cheap goods. I'm sure they would like better wages to be in a position to do this.!! You are not able to blame the customer for the cost of things, at any place they are made. Even though firms perpetually justify their low costs are "considering that of client demand". If they didn't supply these goods from impoverished international locations and had them made within the UK there would not be a choice, the customer would must buy what used to be on offer at much higher costs. However despite the fact that we believe the standards of sweat stores in India, China and so on are totally poor by UK standards, they're at least keeping humans employed in international locations that are over populated and negative. Consider also that these types of nations don't have free well being provider and so on, so if your guardian is ailing, then it will be down to the youngsters to feed them all. If you have been of their shoes, I wager you possibly can work for two$ a day and fed your household, than now not work and starve!! You can not tell me you wouldn't. Are the enormous corporations exploiting this, you guess ya! (however in the UK it's the law to offer a general wage or more. What number of firms handiest present the elemental wage because they have got to by way of law instead of supplying a good wage! So exploitation doesn't only arise in terrible countries! I most likely don't condone the sweatshops, but the way things are run in another nation and the laws of underage staff and so on, are the predicament of their government not us. I reside in Spain, and here we should not have 1/2 the alternative that you have in the UK, there's no price struggle right here, now we have little choice on the place to buy. Teenagers garments are very highly-priced in comparison with the united kingdom. So consider your self fortunate!!

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