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Question about the trenches (see video)?

youtube.com/watch?v=ZI0afHx6kzc (copy paste link into web bar)

Can someone explain to me what is going on in this scene here, its quite confusing.....I figured people who know alot about football can explain why they all jump on him. and why the ref is in the pile if theres no fumble??

at 0:08 in the video it looks like his own Center has jumped on the pile..why if its his teamate is at the bottom?

Jaime Foxx stated in the commentary he said they were all on top of him because a dude "collapsed" what does he mean by collapse???(since it wasn't a goal line or short yardage gain) Do QB's really go through things that rough? know its just a movie...but there has to be a reason why oliver stone wrote the lines(what was he trying to portray??) Also he referred to it as a "pile on"...i think im familiar with the term but I always thought it was illegal or something. In rugby its called "killing the ball"

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    You're right -- it is a movie, and Mr. Stone is injecting a fair bit of dramatic license into that scene, particularlly with the presence of the referee. And bear in mind that you can't "kill-the-ball" in gridiron because it is already "dead" once the ball carrier goes down. No need for the defense to slow it down any further.

    What you will see sometimes, particularly in running plays directed to the centre portion of the line are combinations of blockers and defenders all going down and piling up in the vincinity of the ball, much like a ruck in rugby. No one intends to be a the bottom of those things -- it just happens. But not generally to a quarterback -- any professional coach would be livid to see his QB put his body at that sort of risk.

    What Mr. Foxx seems to be refering to with the term "collapse", is that the stuntman assigned to "protect" him in that simulated pile blew the assignment, leaving him with the weight of several other actors on top of him. Foxx did play some football in college, but he is primarily an actor, not an athlete, and hadn't signed up for that sort of thing.

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