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Anonymous asked in TravelAsia PacificChina · 7 years ago

Tibet belongs to whom?

to Chinese or to Tibetans?

simple answers please.

no lies and no more CCP's propaganda please.


look carefully.i asked Tibet belongs to Chinese or to Tibetans.Looks your creepy eyes can't see the question clearly.

Stupid ¢hΙик

Update 2:

so Chinese owns both China and Tibet huh?

Simple logic,Tibetans are just Tibetan not related with Chinese race(han).They have their own rich culture and literature unrelated with the Chinese.So Tibetans have right to determine their own fate.

Tibet belongs to Tibetans.Chinese get out of Tibet.Hong Kong people are quite fed up with the mainlanders.They don't want mainland Chinese to come to Hong Kong and ruin their city's beauty and way of life.


your dream of beautiful China had been already shattered by CCP's massive corruptions and China's

pollution and

Keep dreaming.I won't ruin your

dream.Good luck.

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  • 7 years ago
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    Sly Red China invaded Tibet and took it over by armed force and now occupy that land by extensive repression, including shooting, jailing, torture and stealing of prisoners organs for sale. Every independent scholar of ethnic identities prove that Tibet and Tibetans are a unique people with a distinctive culture (which Red China is destroying fast), language, and belief.

    Tibet was stolen and now is being plundered. The Red China crimes against humanity there define the term and show the world what Red China really is, a murdering slave labor camp.

    Source(s): See Testimony on YouTube title "Tibetans Seek Buddhist Freedom."
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  • 4 years ago

    Tibet was a sovereign nation-state unless China invaded. In that respect Tibet 'belongs' to the Tibetans.... But the chinese policy of displacement, almost genocide by using breeding, is changing that... -dh

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    The beautfiul place and culture of Tibet belong to real Tibetans.

    The UN and international laws are all man-made, ie if the place could successfully kick out CCP/Mainlanders, then Tibet will legitimately 100% be owned by Tibetans, unfortunately this is not the case right now.

    I can fully share the deep frustrations of Tibetans and Xinjiangers towards CCP having seen CCP/Mainlanders' ruthless and greedy behaviors in abusing Hong Kong and HK People.

    HK is in a better position than Tibet and Xinjiang because of freedom, government/judiciary systems and way of life nailed down unchanged in the Sino-British Joint Declaration. Without these protections, I could imagine it's gonna be hell.


    CCP is a whole bunch of greedy, ruthless gangsters who do things totally for their private pockets greed.

    Similar to Tibetans and Xinjiangers, Hongkongers are increasingly fed up of the loads of ruthless, ill-mannered and greedy Mainlanders deliberately dumped onto HK by CCP.

    The displease of Hongkongers towards CCP/Mainlanders purposedly diluting HK's cultures and traditions is expressed as follows by bloggers there,







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  • 7 years ago

    Of Course, Tibet belongs to CHINA!

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  • 7 years ago

    This is a sensitive topic in China. Well all that matters is point of view. If your Chinese, Tibet is Chinese. If your Tibetan, Tibet belongs to you. If you are neither, it doesn't matter.

    But officially, Tibet is Chinese.

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  • Tibet belongs to tibetians,but tibetans are Chinese,so Tibet belongs to chinese. It seems that there are some logical problems for you using an "or" between "tibetians"and"chinese". Haha,a lot bad answer rate,no wonder again.Your question is whom does tibet belongs to,but actually you just want to bark but not ask,so what is the meaning for you to ask this? So you just want to "free"some of us,right?then have a try,ok?I know mainlanders here are minority,and i don't have so long a tongue as you do,so i won't give any further remark.If you are willing to do so,just kept on barking,truth won't change,anyway.

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  • 7 years ago

    Tibetans aren't Chinese !

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  • 7 years ago

    Tibet belongs to China.

    I hope that this answer is unambiguous enough for you to understand.

    There is a small, but vocal, minority of Tibetans that resent this arrangement. It is in their perceived interests to garner resentment towards the central government of China. Delegates from this small group have approached the UN in the hope of support for independence. But, the UN will not support their efforts to become independent from China. There has also been delegates who have been sent to various nations as well. The response of the other nations have been measured and calculated. In general, they support their enthusiastic efforts, but urge restraint and want a non-violent solution to the demands (or pleas) of the independence movement.

    According to the United Nations, and every cartographer in the world, Tibet belongs to China.

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  • 7 years ago

    Chinese! Tibetans can't deny that they are all Chinese!

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  • 7 years ago

    It belongs to neither, at the moment it belongs to the P.R. of China who can claim sovereignty through the law of "might is right" such as much as every other country does.

    Note: Tibetans born in India are not Chinese! Tibetans are an ethnic group in China, just as much as "Chinese" born in the USA are just an ethnic group in the USA.

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