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Figure7-29Using the other side of the brake gauge to set the brake shoes. Courtesy of DaimlerChrysler Corporation

Figure7-30The areas or pads where the brake shoe will rub or contact the backing plate. Courtesy of DaimlerChrysler Corporation

Drum Shoe and Brake Installation

Before installing the shoes, be sure to sand or stone the inner edge of the shoe to dress down any slight lining or metal nicks and burrs that could interfere with the sliding on the support pads.

A support (backing) plate must be tight on its mount and not bent. Stone the shoe support pads brightly and dress down any burrs or grooves that could cause the shoes to bind or hang up.

Using an approved lubricant, lightly coat the support pads (Figure7-30) and the threads of servo star wheel adjusters.On rear axle parking brakes, lubricate any point of potential binding in the linkage and the cable.Do not lubricate nonservo brake adjusters other than to free a frozen adjuster with penetrating oil.

Reassemble the brakes in the reverse order of disassembly. Make sure all parts are in their proper locations and that both brake shoes are properly positioned in either end of the adjuster. Also, both brake shoes should correctly engage the wheel cylinder pushrods and parking brake links. They should be centered on the backing plate. Parking brake links and levers should be in place on the rear brakes. With all of the parts in place, try the fit of the brake drum over the new shoes. If not slightly snug,pull it off and turn the star wheel until a slight drag is felt when sliding on the drum.A brake preset gauge makes this job easy and final brake adjustment simple.Then install the brake, wheel bearings, spindle nuts, cotter pins, and wheel/tire assemblies,and make the final brake adjustments as specified in individual instructions in the vehicle’s service manual. Torque the spindle and lug nuts to specifications.



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