Is Julian assange good or evil need many opinions?

Doing a school thingo and I need some people's options on this and if he is guilty of rape or whatever he did

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  • 8 years ago
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    People generally aren't either "good" or "evil", life isn't that simple. A person can do very good things and still do very bad things.

    Julian Assange has not been found guilty of anything. He hasn't been tried. Namely because he refuses to hand himself over to Swedish custody, so he can't be tried. Here's the status of the rape case, mind you. There were three initial investigating officers. Two wanted him investigated for two counts of rape plus three lesser sex crimes charges. One (Krans) wanted one count of rape plus three lesser. The first prosecutor (Finne) first ordered him outright arrested for rape, then dropped the charge before the victim statement was even in the computer system, but kept the investigation open on the lesser sex crimes charges. The victims' legal representative (Borgström) appealed the decision and won, and a new prosecutor took over the case. The second prosecutor (Ny) resumed the investigation for two counts of rape and three lesser charges. About two months after the event, with Assange in the UK and refusing to go back to Sweden, she gave Assange's attorney (Hurtig) a final warning and chance to comply, and then the next day went to a judge. The judge granted an arrest warrant for all five counts: 2x rape, 1x unlawful sexual coersion, 2x molestation. This was shortly followed by an european arrest warrant (EAW) and an interpol notice. Assange appealed the warrant to the Svea Court of Appeals, and a full hearing was held. All evidence was reviewed and his attorney argued on his behalf. The court found probable cause for four of the five charges - 1x rape, 1x unlawful coersion, 2x molestation. Assange appealed again. The supreme court upheld the lower court's ruling. In the UK, Assange appealed the EAW, arguing malicious prosecution and that there were flaws in the Swedish process and in the EAW. The court ruled against him. He appealed to the High Court. It ruled against him. He appealed to the Supreme Court. It too found his arguments specious. Shortly before being deported, he fled to the Ecuadorian embassy.

    So, what can we say from all this?

    1) He's gotten an abnormally high level of judicial review of his case thusfar.

    2) Six judicial bodies in two countries, plus numerous prosecutorial bodies, have upheld probable cause that, based on the evidence, he committed rape and other sex crimes charges. HOWEVER,

    3) He is neither "convicted" nor "a rapist". While there is probable cause, the legal standard for conviction is "beyond a reasonable doubt", and that has not been determined for him by any court (nor can it be until he surrenders himself to Sweden, thus enabling him to be åtalad (formally indicted) instead of merely anklagad (formally suspected / charged). He is, however, a rape fugitive (he is a fugitive, and the crime he is running prosecution for is rape)

    I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

  • 4 years ago

    i think of that became he does isn't very ethically, in spite of the fact that most of the posts that they have are particularly exciting. i think of that the entire business enterprise ought to end, and end the seek for hidden governmental documents. on the different hand i think of that what the united statesauthorities did to arrest him became exceedingly unjust. They accused him of rape, and sought his arrest that way, to end him from his internet site.

  • 8 years ago

    at the very least, he's as creepy as they come.

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