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Ramadan: what do these Arabic words mean?

I'm having trouble with my book that I'm reading from the masjid. What do these words exactly mean? When I google them, thousands of answers come up. I feel overwhelmed! :-D

1- Fitnah

2- Takwa

3- Ibadah

4- Sufi

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    Fitna = tumult, discord, dissent etc.

    Taqwa = piety

    Ibadah = literally, it means slavery, but, in the context in which it is used, it usually means worship, obedience, submission, humility etc

    Sufi = literally "of the wool" it is the name given to the practitioner of tawassuf or Mysticism.

    LOL, Google can be rather overwhelming, I guess. Didn't know that you could get that kind of thing from there.

    Hope you don't mind the over simplification in my answer.


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    Salam (1) Fitnah means slandering others with false or wrong accusation (2)Takwa means always try hard to obey all of Allah's command and prohibition (3)ibadah is various good deeds such as praying,giving zakat and infaq,helping others etc (4)sufi is an Islamic sect which concerns about searching for the truth behind certain issue.

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    Yes its arabic it means O' Donkey, It's referred to a female, insult

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