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Atheists: Answer to this question?

5.9(22 - 3.41x) -Expand that expression.

A 129.8x - 20.119

B 129.8 - 20.119x

C 27.9 - 9.31x

D 20.119 + 129.8x

I'ld like to see how intelligent you are.

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    Are you talking about the definite integral or the indefinite integral after subtracting divergent parts?

    Perhaps an alternate form if we assume X to be real?

    Do you mean if the root is: x = 6.45161?

    And of course you do understand that this will produce a geometric figure commonly known as a straight line, properties of which will vary depending on the value assigned to X.

    You should see what happens when you build an interactive graph with multiple axes.

    Sleep well. Sigh.

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    Do your own homework. And being able to do a math problem is not a sign of intelligence. Not being able to do that particular problem is also not a sign of a lack of intelligence.

    My answer is a sign of intelligence. It's the ability to see the nuance of a situation and know you're scamming homework help by doing the cluck of a chicken, "Bok bok bok!"

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    Insinuating that atheists are uneducated is a bit silly on your part. Atheists are the educated ones - we are smart enough not to believe a 2000 year old book and it's ludicrous stories about talking snakes and suchlike.

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    Suggesting that atheists are not intelligent is completely ludicrous. Your simple algebra problem makes me laugh. Care for a legitimate test of intelligence? If you do, feel free to let me know and I can send some of my advanced physics problems from my university your way.

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    I noticed a guy run across the surface of a pool filled with a non-Newtonian fluid therefore God is real, and in addition the soul is an invisible organ in the human physique which is teleported to one in all two parallel universes, both heaven or hell after we die.

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    i can easily expand that expression.

    5 . 9 ( 22 - 3 . 4 1 x)


    im sorry. its really B.

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    my guess is either B or A. in all honesty I'm unfamiliar with this task and I always thought if there were a variable it needed to be defined. I'm probably wrong but anyways, i'm not afraid of looking stupid.

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    It's either B or none of the above.

    (B is the only plausible one and I don't have a calculator handy. Yes, I could do that on paper and actually calculate that, but I don't have anything to prove to you).

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    B. That was easy. And that is not "expanding that expression" but simplifying the equation.

    Now please show me proof that any one of the thousands of gods ever invented by humans exists. Please use valid research methods (i.e. the scientific method) ensuring that your results can be duplicated.

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