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What will you remember most about Doors' founder and keyboardist Ray Manzarek?

I heard about it on the radio driving over to my parent's house earlier this evening. The Doors were and still are my all time favorite group. I've visited Jim Morrison's grave in Pere Lachaise Cemetery in Paris, France and read nearly all of the books by the band members and others. Ray Manzarek dead at age 74.

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    I will always remember how much of a beast on the keyboards he was. In the studio, the Doors always used a session musician bass player. But, in a live setting, Ray was all they had. He had to play the bass line and the keyboard parts on stage. I am not even talking about the use of bass pedals like John Paul Jones or Geddy Lee use. He played two separate and opposing parts on two separate Keyboards at the same time, and he was always so crisp. I think about how anyone could do that so expertly as he did, and it blows my mind. There will never be a better keyboard player, in my opinion, than Ray Manzarek.

    Source(s): He's playing with Jim Morrison in heaven now. Rock In Peace Ray.
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    Ray in many ways was the backbone of the band, both musically and personally. The Doors without their amazing keyboard sound would not be the same band, and likely would have blended in to the myriad of other bands with that sort of sound during the time. I feel like that Ray is the true definition of a real musician, because his style and his skill at the keyboard can't be matched.

    Also very important, I feel Ray was central in forming the band and "reeling" Jim into some sort of discipline or order enough to be able to write and to produce this music. In interviews Ray talked about how he could feel Jim's energy and would prompt him through the way he played his music to act or perform in a certain way, which is something that you can hear in the live recordings. I think that him and Jim had the ultimate friendship in which as individuals they had some sort of deep understanding and were able to create beauty from the assorted skills that they possessed, that when combined where immensely powerful.

    It's a sad day when you hear of the death of anyone, particularly when this individual has impacted so many lives through their art. I remember when I first heard, the first thought I had was of his wife Dorothy. Throughout all of his interviews and various things seen, you can really tell that they loved each other so this must be heartbreaking for her.

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    Awesome Band

    RIP Ray

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    i once heard a music history show on a classic rock radio station

    with Ray talking about The Doors. It was very interesting and would have made a great documentary.

    He was such a cool (and smart) guy

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    His unreal keyboard skills, of course. Love him. I love The Doors. I love Ray. Awh great I'm crying again. RIP <33

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    Hello thirteen across! Like Ms Lety, I too like to not contact The Earth. But, how about persons Are strange? Thanks for the track Mr Manzarek, you gave me and many others many smiles!!!

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    The music always the music. May he rest in peace.

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    Agreed, homie...

    ...I heard about his death today at the bar and I was sad...he had a real rare sort of cysts cancer or something...


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