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Boating on the St. Lawrence?

I'm going on a camping trip to Wellesley Island state park and would like to bring my boat there for the first time. I have a 18.5' open bow ski boat. My question/concern is that I would like to take my boat from the park to Boldt Castle and am not sure of the best route, if its a bad idea, too far, places to avoid(unmarked shoals and rocks) etc....? By map it looks like the best route is to head west from the park, south past Eel Bay, then east up the river under the I81 bride to Alex Bay? Does this sound right? I appreciate any kind of help from someone who's done this or is familiar with the area. I appreciate it!

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    Very easy and safe boating - from the Rock Island Lighthouse, you can see the Thousand Island Bridge, So head to the center of the bridge - waterway is safe and wide - and it is only about a 30 minute slow (enjoyable) boat ride from Rock Island Lighthouse to the Boldt Castle. And of course, depending on where you are (or launch from) in Wellesley State Park, you can probably see Rock Island Lighthouse.

    Some really huge freighters occassionally take this beautiful (rubber necking) scenic route along the Seaway.

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