Where can I get my DD214 Long Form (Member 4)?

I was told I received this after AIT but never did I receive this document.

I have my original DD214 but not Member 4 Long Form stating my re-enlistment stuff.

I am still currently active Army Reserve and have not completed my 6 years. Is this a reason why I have possibly not received it yet?

Where can I find the document? I have checked HRC website and could not find it there either. Thank you.

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  • Marine
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    7 years ago
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    Since you re-enlisted, you should have been provided a copy of your DD214 at that time. So long as you received the original DD214, you do not need page 4, everything is on page 1.

    These days, all DD214s (plus all other personnel related forms) are computerized. This means no multi-part parts as when I started in the military. When you complete your current enlistment, you will receive another DD214 showing the Reserve and active duty time accumulated.

    HQ Army, Reserve Affairs will most likely have a copy of your DD214 in their computer system. There is no page 4 (Member 4) anymore.

    Throughout my 27 year career which included some Active Reserve time, I have never received a Member 4 form, only Member 1. I have DD214s from my enlisted days and several from my officer days (OCS completion, when I was Augmented as a regular officer (no longer applicable for current serving officers), and when I retired - all Member 1 forms.

    Bottomline. Don't worry about it so long as you have your original. Keep it in a safe place just in case you need it to validate your service especially for possible VA disability claim.

    Lieutenant Colonel, U S Marine Corps-Retired

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  • 6 years ago

    ACTUALLY you are wrong and very lucky member 4 forms have not been requested and your member 1form have been accepted.

    For I have ONLY been in the system of dd214 requests for 6 years but that is pretty much all organizations ask for is the member 4 form and most organizations will make life miserable if the form is not a member 4.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    this is the dumbest **** EVER another member 4 copy really another way to **** vets over

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