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I am new to knitting, when I knit the first row, do I continue in the same way to start a new row?

And do I continue with this same knit stitch through out? I am making squares to make a blanket. I find my knitting ends up so tight that I have to start again, any basic tips would be so helpful! Thank you.

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    Ok, take a deep breath. None of your problems listed here is that tough. These are all common beginners' questions. Now, relax your hands. Sit there with nothing in them and relax them. Let them feel a little floppy. Nice, hm?

    Pick up your knitting and tighten your hands. Now, relax them slowly. Relax them to the point where your knitting falls out of your hands. No big deal, pick it back up. Now relax your hands about halfway. Aaahhhhhh. They will still feel relaxed but you won't drop your knitting. As you start knitting, keep reminding yourself to hold your hands about halfway relaxed.

    The best stitch for your first few projects is garter stitch, where every row is knit. Blankets are great in garter stitch anyway. I have been knitting over 20 years, have done tons of (i.e., more than 25) full sweaters, and like to knit freehand scenes and pictures into my work. Yep, I'm a knitter. Right now, honest, I have a blanket on the needles for my niece's wedding in September. I am using garter stitch. Truth!

    Garter stitch does not have to be tight. Relax your hands and don't pull your yarn too tight while you're working it. Your stitches should be tight enough not to fall off the needles and loose enough to slide easily when you push them to one side or the other.

    Use garter stitch for all your squares. Use different colors that go well together. When all your squares are done, alternate them when you sew them together to make the blanket. Arrange them so you have some with the lines running north-south, and others with the lines running east-west. It will look like a pattern you planned.

    Relax. Enjoy.

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    After you have knit your first row, you turn your work over so that your needle with the stitches is in the left hand (assuming you are right-handed), and your empty needle is in your right hand, and you repeat the process for the next row. You keep doing that until you get the length you want.

    Yes, you can continue doing the same stitch throughout. When you do the knit stitch on every row, the overall stitch is called garter stitch. Eventually, you will also learn the purl stitch, and then you will learn how to combine the two stitches in different combinations to make different textures. The second most common stitch pattern is called stocking stitch or stockinette stitch, and to make it you knit one row and purl one row, alternating.

    Knitting too tight is common to new knitters. As you get more comfortable, you will loosen up. Try concentrating on relaxing your fingers and trusting the process. You might want to make your first pieces practice pieces, instead of expecting to use them in your blanket. If you use your very first pieces in your final project, you might find that they end up much smaller than your later pieces.

    Good luck!

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  • Anna E
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    I suggest going to You Tube and looking at one of the learning to knit videos they have. When you get signed in to You Tube, just type in "how to knit, the basics" and you will come up with a number of videos. I actually learned to knit last year using this method, and am starting on my second afghan.

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  • 7 years ago

    As you found, doing all knit makes very tight cloth - like for an edge - normally squares would be done on patterns or at least alternate rows of knit and perl.

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