Wdyt of these names? Rate out of 10 and tell why? :)?


Nathan Gage

Jacob Zachary

Charlie James

Benjamin Scott


Leah Elizabeth

Isabella Grace

Madelyn Olivia

Alexa Charlotte

Thanks :)

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  • 7 years ago
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    Nathan Gage: 3/10 -- I don't really like the name Nathan (Nate isn't too bad, though) and Gage seems too harsh for a little boy and too immature for a man. It makes me think of an emo teenager in a punk band or something.

    Jacob Zachary: 6/10 -- It's a little boring, but both names are nice. I like Jake as a nickname for Jacob.

    Charlie James: 5/10 -- I don't like nicknames as first names. It doesn't give a child anything professional to go by as an adult. If it were Charles James, it would get an 8/10.

    Benjamin Scott: 8/10 -- I'm not a huge fan of the name Benjamin, but this name is both cute and ages well.

    Leah Elizabeth: 8/10 -- I love both names but they don't flow well.

    Isabella Grace: 6/10 -- Isabella is pretty, but it's just too overused. And Grace is too much of a filler middle name.

    Madelyn Olivia: 6/10 -- I prefer Madelyn spelled Madeleine or Madeline, and I'm not a huge fan of Olivia.

    Alexa Charlotte: 5/10 -- I love Charlotte, hate Alexa.

  • 7 years ago

    Nathan Gage -- 7/10 -- sounds okay, but don't like Gage

    Jacob Zachary -- 4/10 -- two nice names that don't flow well together

    Charlie James -- 6/10 -- cute, but give him the dignity of a man's name, not a nickname. You can always name him Charles and call him Charlie

    Benjamin Scott -- 10/10 -- strong and masculine, a very nice combo

    Leah Elizabeth -- 7/10 -- two lovely names, but both names do have that "uh" sound in them

    Isabella Grace -- 9/10 -- this popular combination is almost becoming generic, but it does sound nice

    Madelyn Olivia -- 5/10 -- too much L sound in the combo

    Alexa Charlotte -- 7/10 -- one of the better Charlotte combinations I've seen here (probably because it uses Charlotte as the middle name)

  • 7 years ago


    Nathan Gage - 6/10 sounds kinda cool but not a huge fan of either names

    Jacob Zachary - 6/10 really really don't like Jacob

    Charlie James - 8/10 this is cute :)

    Benjamin Scott - 6/10 both okay names but again not a fan


    Leah Elizabeth - 7/10 both cute names just maybe not together

    Isabella Grace - 6/10 sounds pretty but Isabella is so overused

    Madelyn Olivia - 8/10 cute!

    Alexa Charlotte - 4/10 love Charlotte absolutely hate Alexa

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    I don't like any of the combos. wish I could say they are all wonderful, but I never lie:


    Nathan: 7 (nice but not great)

    Gage: 1 (sounds like cage)

    Jacob: 9 (good name)

    Zachary: 1 (hate this name)

    Charlie: (1( nickname & WILL cause confusion -- Charles gets a 7)

    James: 9 (good solid name)

    Benjamin: 9 (great name but not with Scott)

    Scott: 9 (great name)


    Leah: 3 (sorry)

    Elizabeth: 10 (LOVE!)

    Isabella: 1 (sorry)

    Grace: 0 (HATE virtue names)

    Madelyn: 1 (hate)

    Olivia: 1 (sorry)

    Alexa: 1 (sorry)

    Charlotte: 1 (should only be found on a map, not a birth certificate)

    Source(s): grandma / owner or weird spelled name ALWAYS honest
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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Nathan - 2 - was never a fan of the name! i don't know why!

    Gage - 0 - doesn't quite ring.

    Jacob - 5 - nice, except I'd prefer Jake (:

    Zachary - 3 - Not my favorite. Not sure why.

    Charlie - 8 - It's cute!

    James - 8 - I always liked the name james.

    Benjamin - 4 - ehh, it's okay.

    Scott - 2 - naaah

    Leah - 4 - not my cup of tea

    Elizabeth - 4 - it's alright

    Isabella - 6 - quite alright

    Grace - 7 - nice name, my best friend's name!

    Madelyn - 6 - nice spelling (:

    Olivia - 3 - eh

    Alexa - 2 - ehhh

    Charlotte - 6 - yup it's pretty good.

    i know those aren't very good reasons, but hey!

  • 7 years ago

    Nathan Gage: 5/10. Nathan is good but I hate Gage.

    Jacob Zachary: 9/10, two handsome, likable classics.

    Charlie James: 4/10, Charlie is too nicknamy to be a full name.

    Benjamin Scott: 8/10, strong and masculine.

    Leah Elizabeth: 8/10, two nice names but they flow awkwardly together.

    Isabella Grace: 8/10, again two nice names but both too popular, either one would be better off paired with something less popular.

    Madelyn Olivia: 7/10, I dislike the spelling Madelyn, but Madeline Olivia would be great.

    Alexa Charlotte: 6/10, Alexa is pretty but strikes me as slightly tacky. I adore Charlotte though.

  • 7 years ago

    They all sound unique! Love em all! But if I had to choose, for boys it would be Nathan Gage, girl would be Madelyn Olivia. Again, just because those names really stand out. extraordinary choices :)

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