Music from phone to display on car?

Third time asking this ******* question.

Now, before you post your ridiculous and rude comments (not even going to call them answers because no one's even given me a damn answer), I OBVIOUSLY DON'T MESS WITH MY PHONE WHILE I DRIVE. Top contributors should maybe get their facts straight before jumping on me.

I'm getting a car. It'll be at least a 2009. Not every model I've seen has the feature of your phone music displaying on the screen. Can this somehow be installed? If so, how much?

If you don't understand what I'm asking, leave. I don't need anyone tell me "don't mess with your phone" "focus on driving" NEWS FLASH: THAT'S WHY I'M ASKING FOR THIS FEATURE. So I'm not even tempted to touch my phone, it will just be my phone music playing, while I control what plays on the display, just like if I were to use the radio. Are you gonna complain about me wanting to change the radio station now, too?

Jump on people who don't follow traffic laws or speed. Not me for wanting to know about a feature. Crazies.

If anyone can help me out, thanks. I actually would really appreciate it.

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    Coming to a public forum asking questions is a crap shoot at best. You could win big or you could completely waste your time.

    I suggest you talk to a professional in your area. Try car dealerships and audio shops (not box stores that sell car audio, like Walmart or Kmart) to find what best fits your needs. There are too many possibilities for what you want. Some cars came with those features. Some didn't. Some can be added onto by aftermarket equipment. Some can't.

    If you don't find a car with the feature you're looking for and end up with one that doesn't do what you want, take it to an audio shop and they'll be able to help you figure out what fits your needs and budget.

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    If your car does not come with a stereo system that has an iPod/iPhone interface on it, then your only option is to buy an aftermarket stereo head unit that does have an iPod/iPhone interface. Do not make the mistake of thinking that just because something has a USB port, it has an iPod/iPhone interface. Usually with aftermarket stereos, the iPod input will actually be on the back of the stereo and you run the cable out of your dash in some spot and it plugs into your iPod/iPhone. It will charge the device and you can control it using the stereo controls. If you have steering wheel audio controls and want to retain the use of those as well, you will have to buy an additional cable for that.

    If you do decide you want to buy an aftermarket head unit, keep in mind that you will need to buy a dash kit for it (a piece that fits it in to your specific car) and unless you want to risk damaging your car you will need to pay to have it professionally installed.

    So the short answer to your question is that you cannot add an iPod interface to a stereo that does not have one. Either it has the input or it doesn't. If you want this feature, you have two options. 1) Buy a car that has an iPod-ready stereo. Lots of newer cars have this feature. 2) Replace your stereo with an aftermarket head unit. Basically any decent aftermarket head unit will have an iPod interface input but the cable you need for it will often be sold separately.

    What option 2 would cost is hard to say exactly. To give you an idea, I think it's fair to say that a decent aftermarket head unit would cost you at least $150. Dash kits are usually like $20 - $30. Then there's the cost of installation, which varies depending on where you get it done but you could probably get just a head unit done for $50 or so. Maybe even a little less.

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    previous poster is right. Wanna understand why your coverage is so severe? Incompetent teenager drivers. Take a stack of submit-its, and once you alter what ever is on your telephone, write it down, and stick it on the sprint. isn't a CTS slightly a stretch pondering a Cruze and a CRV is interior the quest?

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