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I have stock certificate from Texas Air Corporation dated 03/22/83. Is it worth anything?

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    Donna, this is your lucky day. Texas Air changed its name to Continental Airlines Holding, inc. in June 1990 and then merged into United Airlines in May 2010. They then changed their corporate name to United Continental Holding. It's stock symbol is UAL and its common stock is traded on the NYSE currently at $33.50/share. Contact the Investor Relations Department of UAL to get a new certificate and your holdings updated.

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    Common Stock Certificate

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    i recently found a similar certificate for shares of Texas Air Corp stock...contacted investor relations and was told:

    "Unfortunately, Texas Air Corporation stock certificates are not exchangeable for shares of United Continental Holdings, Inc. common stock. According to the Revised Second Amended Joint Plan of Reorganization Under Chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code in Continental’s 1993 reorganization, the equity of Texas Air Corporation (the predecessor to Continental Airlines Holdings, Inc) was annulled on the Effective Date of April 27, 1993."

    Source(s): United Continental Holdings Investor Relations
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    Of direction, provided that you're the registered proprietor. They aren't "bearer," that is, they aren't owned by whoever happens to have possession of the certificates. If the stock hasn't split in the meantime, the approximate price, at Tuesday's price, is $28 times 152 or $4256..

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