Audition song for Shrek the musical ?

ok, so i have my audition for shrek coming up soon, and i wanted to know what song would be good for me? in our shows, we do not audition for a specific role, we just audition and then they give us the roles they find suitable for us, but anyway it's my second to last musical, and i'm hoping for a principal part, hopefully fiona. Everyone is telling me to pick an "upbeat" song but they don't have any ideas. I consider myself a mezzo soprano, in choirs i have sung both alto 1 and soprano 2 comfortably, though i lean more on the soprano side in that if i had to sing higher soprano notes i could hit some whereas i don't have many low notes. for me, a big part of my song choice is also in the acting and emotion, because thats probably my weakest part of singing, i sometimes miss the character part, which obviously is important for a musical. If the song calls for it, i usually have no problem giving it emotion, but if the song don't necessarily call for acting, i rarely remember to give it some emotion, so i would prefer to do a more character like soprano musical theater song. It has to be musical theater actually lol anyway thanks for your help in advance!!! oh i'm in high school too if that helps

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    Here are some fun songs for you to consider as they give you an opportunity to act some out if you wish to as well as show some fun emotions:

    Shy - Once Upon a Mattress

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    Screw Loose - Cry Baby

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    Broadway Baby - Follies

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    Waiting for Life - Once on this Island

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    I will add more if I come up with some.

    All the best to you!

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    Shrek The Musical Songs

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    I would HIGHLY recommed doing one of Princess Winnifred's songs from Once Upon a Mattress! Check out Shy and Happily Ever After.

    I'm auditioning for Fiona in the fall, and I will be doing one of those songs! I'm not sure which yet, but they're both perfect. I think I'm leaning towards Shy, but that could change. I mean, come on- a sassy Princess song? Perfect! And they're the right range, too. Totally Fiona.

    Break a leg! (:

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  • 4 years ago

    Blow Gabriel Blow - Anything Goes Live Out Loud - A Little Princess Hold On - The Secret Garden

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    I think any fall out boy

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