How to accept my boyfriend's past as a drug addict and john?

Honestly, I do accept it. The problem is I the person that I love now is NOT compatible with the person he was before we met, someone who didn't value his life at all. I guess there's this eerie feeling I get that if we weren't to work out (we plan on getting married, and I see us not working out as a hypothetical that won't play out), he would go back to that life.

We are so in love, and I know we are meant to be together (it's a feeling, plus we had lots of crossing of paths before we entered each other's lives) and it hurts me to think that this person I love so much was in such a low place that he didn't care that what he was doing could kill him.

I just can't make the past and present compatible. How can I develop a more gracious and complex view of this? Perhaps an elaboration of the "what he did before you, made him who he is and led him to you" wouldn't be terrible.

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  • Stephanie, that's such a pretty name, but he's gay and pretending not to be. He turned tricks for drugs with how many guys? Hundreds?

    You plan on getting married, but you haven't set a date, and arent engaged. So in the meantime you lend him money and he drives your car. He's still on drug and still having sex with men.

    Unless you are both deeply involved in a church, he's a con artist tricking you.

  • 7 years ago

    U have already wrote but its your bf past that has made the man you love today. Also once a junkie always a junkie. Your bf will always have cravings for whatever it was he used to take so try and keep those cravings for that life away from his head

  • 7 years ago

    This is something you need to talk with your pastor about. We are more in to science and facts.

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