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Mircrosoft office word needs to converter to display this file correctly?

i just format my pc so i save up some important files in my pendrive but after reformatting and installing microsoft office word 2003 same as before i format i cant open those files it says 'Mircrosoft office word needs to converter to display this file correctly. This feature is not currently installed. Would you like to install it now? so i click yes and it ask me to put in the cd and then it says the cd dont have the file 'PRO11.MSI' so i went and download microsoft office word compatibility pack 2007 but there is no change and also am having the .scr error when i open my folders in the pendrive that i save

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  • Zarn
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    Sounds as if you have files that have been saved in .docx, which is Word 2007 / 2010 format. OpenOffice can open these files, if you just want to open them - and can also save them in Word 2003 format (though some advanced formatting may be lost if you do this). You might also try an online conversion service, such as http://www.zamzar.com

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Did you install your reproduction of MS workplace your self or become interior the laptop once you get carry of it? the clarification I ask is (no longer understanding what form of report you're attempting to open) do you have the disks that put in workplace? if so you are attempting reinstalling your workplace application protecting in ideas to look for this device which will open what ever form of report that's which you're attempting to open. solid success!

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