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how to convince my parents to change my school..?

i used to have good friends. but now they ditched me for no reason. They dont mind me. Everyone hates me. i used to help everyone. Those people needs me only for their purpose. Our Headmistress is a very strict person. there are many laws in our school passed by her like no fb account,no tutions,no hanging out or parties,no combine studies,etc..We feel like we've been studying in jail.There was an incident when i helped one of my friend during exam and got caught. After that incident ..Mam hates me like hell.i was ashamed of myself and then promised myself that i would not do any wrong things. nowadays i work very hard. recently there was another incident. Some girls were throwing pens at each other while our teacher was taking class. i was listening to what our teacher was telling. suddenly one of the pens hit me . i took the pen and looked for who threw at me . one girl who was sitting opposite to me apologized me ,so i threw the pen back to her , thinking that she would not do it again. actually she had aimed the person who was sitting next to me . again that girl threw pen at me and teacher caught. she took my partner and that girl to headmistress . Later i was also called saying that i was also among that group. I swear that i was listening to our teacher. Mam started scolding me. she was questioning me as if i had murdered someone. We were made to stand for almost 3 hours as an punishment. All the people think that i am involved and hate me because the whole class got punishment.i said them i dint do anything but they dont believe me. Also all those teacher who liked me hate me. They were like we'll never believe you...the whole school hate me now. i feel like dying. i also cried alot from the class and no one minded me. I hate my school . I want to change my school. i Have also said my parents about it. but they dont care. how can i convince them . Its better to die than attending this school.


btw ..we call our headmistress 'Mam'...

she said that no hanging out or party....n if she finds anyone had party or hanged out..she would give them TC application....She is such a horrible mistress..our school is not mixed..girlz and boyz are seperated by a small wall...During the first incident,i know i have done something wrong...btw i am studying in year 9.

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    Though you might be having a rough time, and I can sympathise with that, it is possible that you are being a little melodramatic. I apologise if this sounds harsh, but as I do not know the whole situation I can only comment on the information you have provided here.

    I am a little confused as to some of these rules you say your school has. 'No hanging out or parties'? She cannot control your activities outside of school hours.

    As for the incident of the exam, though you might be feeling hard done by because you got into trouble and your intentions were good, you were in the wrong there. It seems harsh, I know, but helping someone out in an exam is always cheating and, even if you disagree with the rules, you have to admit that you were breaking them in that instance.

    The pen incident, on the other hand, was not your fault but do try not to let a little misunderstanding get to you so much. Sometimes the world just doesn't believe you, and you just have to accept that things aren't always fair. Put the incident behind you and move on.

    Now, no matter how angry your mother might have been I'm sure she does not hate you. If something like that happens again, try to talk to her calmly, even if you are frustrated that she does not seem to believe you, and explain how it was a simple misunderstanding. You do not mention if you have a father or siblings, but if you do perhaps try talking to them instead as they may be less likely to get so cross with you.

    If, after thinking about your situation more calmly, you still firmly believe that there is nothing good at your school and you want to change, again try to talk calmly with your mother. No matter how frustrating things get, do not let your temper get the better of you. Explain all the reasons why you want to leave your school and be willing to try other solutions (as opposed to moving schools) if she suggests them. Even if you do end up changing schools, be prepared for it to take time as it is not the sort of thing that can be arranged overnight.

    School can be tough, but you just have to stick it out and you'll get through in the end and be a better person for it. Good luck.

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