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Cat is acting odd, ideas?

I have a older female cat who is not fixed but she has never had kittens of her own. She has always been an indoor cat and only really had to share the home with an older fixed male cat. Now here is where it gets odd....

Resently an outdoor cat had a litter of kittens and we brought them in until we can give them away. We had them kept in one room until a few days ago they were let to roam the home with someone watching. Kerri, the female cat in question, hated these four kittens. Stayed away from them and hides from them when they were out.

Yet, since yesterday she has started to let them try to nurse on her, which they are not going to get anything from her, and she has started to become very violent with the people and cat around the kittens. She is vocal around them as well...almost like she has randomly adopted them as her own on a whim where she once hated them. It should also be noted that she does not attack me all the time because she yas come in my room and laid with me calmly and it is only when she is near the kittens. Like now she is laying on my stomach purring while I type this in my room, whereas not even an hour or two ago she attacked my leg twice for picking up the kittens to place them in another room.

I am also thinking that it is time for her to go into heat, but would it really effect her behavior this much with us and the kittens? She is vocal enough that I would think she is in heat but I am not sure if this is heat or beacuse I have placed the kittens in a separate room again in hopes she would calm down.

So any ideas anyone? All cats are given away and just have to been picked up other than two of the four kittens. One because we are going to keep her since we don't trust anyone with a deaf female white kitten to keep in side. The other because it is going with my sibling when she moves out of the home.

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    its just her motherly instincts comming out

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