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sinusoidal waveform

figure 3, 4:

Which one of the statement regarding the sinusoidal waveform shown in Figure 3

is false?

A) The amplitude of the waveform is 10 volts.

B) The period of the waveform is 0.2 ms.

C) The frequency of the waveform is 4 kHz.

D) The phase of the waveform is -45°.

E) The equation of the waveform is v = 10sin(10000pi*t − pi/ 4) .

F) The peak-to-peak value of the waveform is 20 volts.

G) The angular frequency is 31 × 10^3 radians/sec (to two sign. fig.).

Figure 4 shows the amplitude spectrum of a waveform. There are no other

frequencies in the waveform other than those shown

Choose from the key below the value nearest to the amplitude of the fourth


A) 10 D) 2.5 G) 0

B) 6.0 E) 1.5

C) 4.0 F) 1.0

Choose from the key below the value nearest to the bandwidth of the signal.

A) 2 kHz D) 1 kHz G) 400 Hz

B) 1.5 kHz E) 800 Hz

C) 1.2 kHz F) 600 Hz

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    1. Option C

    Frequency = 1/0.2 kHz = 5 kHz

    2. Option D

    The 4th harmonic is at 800 Hz. The amplitude of which is 2.5 v

    3. Option D

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