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    I used to celebrate my birthday as lavishly as possible. But as I grow older, those lavish birthday celebrations don't appeal to me anymore. Instead, I want to keep everything simple. Things as simple as being with my loving ones, blowing the candles together with friends and having chit-chats are already enough to make me happy. Thanks for accompanying me these years!

    Initially, I have disabled the birthday function and closed my wall so as to keep a low profile. I thought I would not receive any birthday wishes then. But when I turned on my phone, to my surprise, my inbox was bombarded with birthday wishes from everyone. They really made my day! Thank you so much everyone.

    This year is a very special one. I feel really lucky for the things happened in the year.

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    Thanks for accompanying me these years, my friends.

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    Birthday like big before, but as they mature more and would like to, and those who love me, friends get together and blow out the candles, round about, chat very happy, thank you for keep me

    Originally wanted to keep a low profile, I'm close to my birthday and a graffiti wall message, slipped away your cell phone information explosion full of blessing and message, and was pleasantly surprised!! Really thank you

    This is a very special year, and I'm so lucky

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