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Help me what computer is the best?

Ive asked this twice I have 4 options now please reply asap

I want a fast computer

if possible a smaller faster model I would like if you have any just add it in the answer thanks

first option:

Second option:

third option:

4th one:

Please add faster cheaper ones I wont accept anything above $700.00



Oh yeah sorry I will need it for gaming and internet speed

And forget ones without information

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    Can't give a definite answer because you haven't told us what you're going to be using it for. Gaming? I need to look at specific components with a purpose in mind to determine which one would be best for you.

    Also, there is a lack of info on the sites. For example, the 4th one says NVIDIA (HDMI) GPU.

    That could mean literally almost anything. An "NVIDIA HDMI GPU" could be a $50 card or it could be a $1000 card. Clearly there's a difference.

    Same thing with what it says about "Intel Quad Core CPU". That could be a current powerful processor or it could be a 4 year old outdated processor.

    EDIT: All have a decent or great processor. All have adequate RAM. All have below average graphics which really won't deliver much gaming performance in modern games. The best card of them belongs to the 3rd option.

    Honestly, when you buy pre-built computers like this you're not getting quality parts. Pre-built computers like this always have a crappy cheap motherboard and a crap power supply. That's not good. The PSU is perhaps the most important component in a computer because it delivers power to all your parts and if it dies it can take the rest of the components with it.

    Your best option is building a computer yourself. That way you can incorporate high quality parts where needed (for gaming that would be the graphics card) and you can build a balanced rig. None of the rigs in your links are balanced at all.

    If you don't want to build it yourself, perhaps go to a computer shop and discuss with them your budget and the fact that you want it for gaming. They can help you pick out appropriate parts and assemble it for you.

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