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Why do people tend to think that the Ancient Romans were white?

Why do many people say that the original Romans were white? That the Etruscans were white. They were darker than what we would consider white. Sure they were part of the Caucasian branch of people and they were in Europe, but they were dark and many people say they were white. Is it something personal for Europeans or is it just a big lie? The Romans were darker and had their own race that was even different than modern day Italians. Some people even say that the Romans were lighter than modern-day Italians. I'm white so don't judge me...

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    This is usually based off films. Films like gladiator portray people as white, then people may simply picture them white.

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    They were white. Modern day Italians are descendants of Romans and they are genetically European. The media likes to exaggerate the "darkness" of Italians many Italians are pale and many of have light eyes and hair. But keep in mind that Romans also refers to all people who were under the Roman empire this includes parts of the middle east and a good chunk of North Africa. Anyway the original Romans were white whom Italians descendant from.

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    Brand new opinion appears to be that they have been of combined race. They without doubt regarded themselves as being really one-of-a-kind from each the light skinned Asians and the dark skinned sub-Saharan Africans, and if you happen to look at Egyptian artwork you're going to see that Egyptians do seem different from both those companies. In the British Museum Dictionary of historical Egypt, it says: 'Examinations of human remains from the Predynastic period shows a combination of racial varieties, including *******, Mediterranean, and European, and by the time that Pharaonic civilization emerged it was not meaningful to look for a certain Egyptian racial style, due to the fact that they had been naturally already, to some extent at least, a mixed populace. It is within the context of the Protodynastic period (c3100-2900 BC) that the problem of race has by and large been hotly debated, with anumber of shcoalrs claiming that the Predynastic Egyptians have been conveniently conquered with the aid of a new race from the east. Even though the skeletal evidence for this idea remains to be viewed to be indicative of some variety of bodily or racial alternate, it's now idea that there was a slower period of transition which customarily involved the indigenous Egyptian populace being infiltrated through yet another bodily sort from Syria-Palestine, by way of the Delta neighborhood. 'Civilizations' cannot always be defined in basically racial phrases. While the populace at large may just consist predominantly of 1 or a further racial group, it's 'culture' and the archaeological file of its traits are probably the product of the interplay of many racial agencies.

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    Yes, Romans were white. Various records describing citizens of Italian peninsula as blond and fairly skinned. There are frescoes that clearly show fairly skinned inhabitants as you can see from excavation of Pompeii. Roman aristocracy was generally blond, they even had even nick names describing them as red head or golden haired. Nero had blue eyes and light blond hair as did all members of his dynasty.

    Secondary, Romans had expanded north and west as well and there was a huge influx of slaves and individuals from central and western part of Europe that had either Celtic, Germanic or Scythians background which are ancestors of present day Germans, Slavs, and Anglosaxons. Romans also incorporated Levant, were there was large presence of various Semitic nationalities and in the 2nd century the empire became briefly orientalized by influence of Syrian dynasty. To consider Italians to be only darker than other Europeans is nonsense. I was in many places in Italy where you can see many fairly skinned Italians, especially in Lombardy or Alto Atige. Northern Italy had strong German and Austrian influence until middle of the 19th century and not all Italians are as dark as people in Greece or Sicily.

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    Maybe because in all their painting they are represented as white and in all their statues the somatic traits are similar to those of the actual italians...

    anyway even in roman literature it's described the skin or hair color (often blonde or red) of the roman emperors... o i forgot... standing to what i've read the ancient romans were more similar to northern europeans rather than the actual southern italians...

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    "White" is relative. It's changed in the US in just the last 15 years (in the 80-90s middle easterners were considered white). In the 19th century, Italians, Irish and Jews weren't considered white; in the 20th they were. Romans and Greeks were olive-skinned Mediterraneans with brown eyes and dark curly hair. The lighter Northern Italians came from influxes of Celts and Germans.

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    Your are speaking nonsense. Caucasian is caucasian, no one had their 'own race' and skin tone does not necessarily designate race. Dna taken from Etruscan bones put them firmly in the West Eurasian groupings like 99% of Europeans.

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    well, ancient Romans were Italians, and appear to have been much like modern Italians. i think modern Italians are generally considered to be 'white', in the sense of being European. 'white' though is a rather vague term. most Italians are dark, but not what we would consider 'coloured'. i think 'white' as a description of race is a bit vague. but certainly Italians are Europeans.

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    Why do people feel the need to differentiate people according to the colour of their skin?

    Because they are racists – it might be difficult to accept, so look up a definition of racism.

    The concept that Romans were all the same skin tone is ridiculous and to attempt to prove that is futile.

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