What is the background and story of Ada Wong from Resident Evil?

I am beyond confused... I am fairly new to Resident Evil and I never played all of the games, but I did some research on some characters and Ada Wong has been a mystery to me ever since the beginning.

1, Who is she really? Is she a good guy or bad guy?

I don't know whether she works for one unknown organization since the beginning or a couple of different ones that she chose. She seems to work for her own benefit and will only help others if she benefitted from the assistance.

2. What is her connection with Leon S Kennedy?

According to RE 6, it hinted that Leon had feelings for Ada. This can be debatable depending on fans, but I want to know the full background story about the two, if possible. I know they met in RE2, 4, Damnation (didnt read much about that yet), and 6, I kind of thought Leon had a thing for her, but then again she is too mysterious for anyone to really tell.

3. Did she really create or help infect people with X names of viruses? Why did she?

Again, I guess this goes back to the first question of whether she is a good guy, bad guy, double agent, free spirit? etc? WHAT IS SHE?!

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    Ada is primarily a mercenary, though she is not necessarily a "Complete the mission at any cost" type.

    Ada's first appearance is in RE2, specifically Leon's story in that game. The two of them clearly have a thing for each other, but they aren't on the same team and so only cooperate sparingly. (Leon shouldn't trust her at all in RE2, but does for no apparent reason, and Ada refers to him in future games as a tactical genius, even though Leon repeatedly pulls boneheaded moves even someone who isn't a trained police officer would know better than to do). Leon is trying to figure out what caused the zombie outbreak to protect the city/world, while Ada is working for a biotech firm (in competition with Umbrella) to try to steal a sample of the virus causing it. But they do cooperate to a degree at certain points, and ultimately, Ada dies falling off a catwalk into a chasm while trying to save Leon from a monster.

    Ada then reappears in RE4, again frequently helping Leon, but clearly not really on his side. Through the bonus missions where you play as her after the main game, you learn that she's now working for Wesker and trying (succeeding) in securing a Master Plaga sample for him.

    No explanation is given for her reappearance until RE: Umbrella Chronicles (a game that gives a synopsis of the plots of RE0, RE1, and RE3, along with some new stories). In some of the notes you can collect in that game, you learn that Wesker (the main villain in RE1 who was presumed dead until he reappeared in RE: Code Veronica) caught her on her fall and gave her the same serum that revived him from his very violent on-screen death in the first game. The notes state that the serum has a 10% chance of reviving the person upon death and then granting them superhuman abilities, a 20% chance of reviving them without the superhuman abilities, and 70% chance of failure. Wesker got the superhuman abilities, but Ada did not. Owing him her life, Ada then decides to work exclusively for Wesker.

    There's no evidence she ever directly helped in infecting anyone, though her acquisition of the Master Plaga was instrumental in the development of Orabouros featured in RE5.

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    Ada Wong Story

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    Sincerely, both Ada and Wesker's survivals have been defined already. In Code Veronica, Wesker reappears with superhuman force and reflexes. He explains that he took some drug that allowed him to show up dead when seriously hurt (corresponding to when he gets the crap kicked out of him via Tyrant within the first game). Whether or not this same drug also grew to become him into superman, and even what this drug was and the place he got it, are left as much as speculation. Probably the most preferred speculation is that it was some new variation of the G-Virus. Ada used to be knocked off of a catwalk in RE2 and presumed dead. However, she explains in one report in RE4 that Wesker (utilising his superhuman abilities) caught her whilst she was once falling and got her the fundamental clinical help for her wounds. He was it appears gazing the routine unfold from the shadows and noticed some use for her.

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