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What is the US99 "Artist of the Day" and other Radio Trivia for 5/20/2013?

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    98.7 the bull


    Molly's Fund-Fight

  • Before they were Famous: Marlon Brando

    First Lines: Mike McDermott

    Get Your Game On: Miami Dolphins

    Show me the Money: 9.7 Ton

    Games n eCards Trivia: Bagel

    Country Music Trivia: Being Pale

    Music Pop Quiz: Passion Pit

    Classic Rock Challenge: Ooh La La

    Celebrity Interview Video Trivia: Peeples

    Entertainment Video Trivia: Jack Osbourne

    *Hawkeye Glass Block and Basement Solution: 585-576-8787

    Daily Dose Video Trivia!: Tattoos

    Entertainment Zone!: Janis Joplin

    LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous!: Racecar Driving

    Videos Gone Wild!: Gym

    Natural Trivia 20: Three

    Question Trivia 20: Sodium Fluoride

    Baby Monkey Bath Time - So adorable!: Blue

    Closest Trivia 20: Dental Implant

    Gingivitis Trivia 20: Multivitamins

    Gwyneth Paltrow Sells Meet and Greet on: New York

    Bacon Restaurant Closed For Smelling Too: San Francisco

    Hot Shoe Trends For Summer: Keds

    Today in History for May 20th: Paris

    Top Videos of the Week: Bear Chews Camera: Alaska

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    May 20, 2013

    US99.5 Chicago

    Artist - Darius Rucker

    Lunchtime Code - Chicken Tenders

    Traffic Jam - Mile Marker

    Taylor - Cold as You

    Country - Being Pale

    Before They Were Famous - Marlon Brando

    First Lines - Mike McDermott

    Get Your Game On - Miami Dolphins

    Show Me The Money - 9.7 Tons

    Variety Videos on Demand - 8:37

    Celebrity Video - Peeoples

    Entertainment Video - Jack Osbourne

    Denizen - Recycled

    Videos Gone Wild - Gym

    Entertainment Zone - Janis Joplin

    LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous -Race car driving

    Daily Dose Video Trivia -Tattoos

    Rose, Thank you for the BA on May 16.

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    Before they were famous: Marlon Brando

    Celebrity: Peeples

    Daily Dose: tattoosfalse

    Entertainment Video: Jack Osbourne

    Entertainment Zone: Janis Joplin

    First Lines: Mike McDermott

    Games: Bagel

    Get your game on: Miami Dolphins

    Hot music: Grouplove

    Hot music video:

    Lifestyles: racing

    Magic Music: 99

    Music: Grouplove

    Pop Quiz: Passion Pit

    Show me the money: 9.7 tons

    Videos Gone Wild: gym

    Natural: three

    Question: Sodium fluoride

    Closest: dental implant

    Gingivitis: Multivitamins

    Today in History: Paris

    Baby Monkey: blue

    Top Videos: Alaska

    Gwyneth Paltrow: New York

    Hot Shoe Trends: keds

    Bacon Restaurant: San Francico

    Raise Your Voice: zip code


    630 Biebs

    930 aframe

    1040 pool

    4 wedding


    Face strawberry

    MCT fox

    A Frame Bonus: spa

    Goldstock’s Bonus: sports

    Mooradians bonus: house of bbq

    Wilton Mall & Rotterdam Square Mall bonus: shopping


    625 Monday

    925 work

    B2W Daniel Powter

    425 groceries


    905 polish

    1205 parade

    305 disagree


    WGNA Star of the day: George Strait

    WGNA Workforce : boss

    Easy Lift: Latham

    Headphone Manufacturers: Sony

    Crime: Aftab Aslam

    Weird: geese

    Political: Robert Reich

    Political: Obamacare

    Social: race

    Sports: Paris St. Germain

    Travel: Beartooth Highway

    Celebrity: Justin Bieber

    Sports: Oxbow

    TV: the sitcom

    Video game: New Batman:Arkham Origins

    Music: George Strait

    TV:Fred Armisen

    Movie: Star Trek Into Darkness

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    WGAR Loyal Listener Reward - Cleveland, OH

    Artist - George Strait

    Word - wallaby

    Spotlight Song (8 PM) - Keith Urban - Little Bit of Everything

    Arslanian Brothers - over 50

    Ganley - 37

    Hellman's - 1912

    k & D - rooftop tennis courts

    Closest 20 - dental implants

    Gingivitis 20 - multivitamins

    Question 20 - sodium fluoride

    Baby monkey taking bath - blue

    Today in History - Paris

    Gwyneth Paltrow - New York

    Hot shoe trends - Keds

    Bacon Bacon Restaurant - San Francisco

    Top videos of the week - Alaska

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  • Tacha
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    Los Angeles

    KYSR Star


    8:50 AM - Fernando

    1:50 PM - Kaitlyn

    4:50 PM - Lauren

    KRTH Kearth

    Listen & Win Tix @ 2 - I Heard It Through The Grapevine by Marvin Gaye

    Rock Music Trivia - Filter

    Rock Video on Demand - clothes

    Hot Music Video On Demand - False

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    *dENiZEN - Recycled

    Videos Gone Wild! - Gym

    Entertainment Zone! - Janis Joplin

    LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous! - Racecar Driving

    Daily Dose Video - Tatoos

    Question Trivia 20 = Sodium fluoride

    Natural Trivia 20 = Three

    Today in History for May 20th = Paris

    Hot Shoe Trends For Summer = Keds

    Bacon Restaurant Closed For Smelling Too... = San Francisco

    Closest Trivia 20 = dental implant

    Top Videos of the Week: Bear Chews Camer... = Alaska

    Gwyneth Paltrow Sells Meet and Greet on ... = New York City

    Gingivitis Trivia 20 = A multivitamin

    Baby Monkey Bath Time - So adorable! = blue



    Before They Were Famous - Marlon Brando

    Celebrity Video! - Peeples

    Entertainment Video! - Jack Osbourne

    First Lines - Mike McDermott

    Get Your Game On - Miami Dolphins

    Show Me The Money - 9.7 Ton

    Classic Rock Challenge - Ooh La La

    Classic Video On Demand - With A Knife

    Hot Music - Grouplove

    Hot Music Video on Demand - False

    Magic Music - 99

    Music Pop - Passion Pit

    Top Video On Demand - 15

    Variety Videos On Demand - 8:37

    Vintage Video - Three

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    Artist: Darius Rucker

    Lunch: Chicken Tenders

    FM106.1 Milwaukee:

    Kenny Chesney: Summer

    Pirate Flag

    Aaron Lewis: Forever

    Thanks for all the help.

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    Artist of the day for US99chicago is Darius Rucker

    The Traffic code tonight is mile marker

    Cold as you was the Taylor Swift code

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    Heart Walk = support

  • 7 years ago

    It's a mystery 21 - AMElia

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