Why Batman and Robin is considered to be a worst Batman or superhero film ever?

What make everyone hating this film? Why? What is the number one main problem with this film? Why?!

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  • 7 years ago
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    The Director Joel Schumacher made not only Batman & Robin but also Batman Forever into cartooney style type batman films that are corny, lame, stupid and totally laughable.

    The Batman suit has nipples and so do the others.

    The Batman credit card, the Batman Credit Card!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The 2 villains Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy deliver awful performances, a 6th grade student can deliver better super villain performance than that.

    Arnold Shcrazneeger's performance as Mr. Freeze is totally lame, and makes me want to puke.

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  • Tommy
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    7 years ago

    i will never understand this myself. I thought like most series, it got better as it went. same as the new Batman

    and many other series.

    But ive heard people say things like that 2 second "Bat nipples"

    come on, are you for real? SO WHAT

    ive heard people say they didnt see arnold as mr freeze but i cant think of anyone better for the role. He's a big guy and while im not a batman comics reader since i was like 9, I have seen pics of freeze and i think he was big too.

    Bane to me was the only disapointment.

    Bane was very well portrayed in Dark Knight Rises, where he nearly destroys Batman by breaking his back.

    In the comics there was an aprentice, not Robin, who temporarily took his place and the two would later battle when Bruce Wayne realizes that the guy's ruthlesness will destroy the goodness of Batman,

    In Batman & Robin, there is one short battle between Bane and Batman and it sucked.

    Bane was a weight lifter in prison who built up his body. He wasnt this scrawny little guy the movie makes him out to be.

    Even DKR didnt get that right. Bane is like 10+ feet tall and in the comics looks more like a monster then just a 6ft tall man with big muscles.

    Except for Bane i liked the movie.

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  • 7 years ago

    Because it is.

    Yes Bat Nipples were a problem.

    Mr Freeze was horribly cast. I love Arnold Schwarzenegger as an actor. Growing up he was the best source of mindless action. But Mr Freeze has never been a muscular brute. Yes he was tall, but he was a thin lanky man.

    Batman never disguises his voice. All the previous actors who players Batman as well as Christian Bale in the new movies disguise their voice. George Clooney does not.

    Chris O'Donnell as Robin. He sucked as Robin in Batman Forever as well. Robin is the Boy Wonder, not the Young Adult Wonder.

    Bane as a mindless henchmen. Bane was never a stupid brute. He was exactly as Tom Hardy portrayed him in The Dark Knight Rise. The only thing right about Bane in B&R is the costume.

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  • 4 years ago

    The dark Knight is my nice superhero movie followed by way of xmen 2 and spiderman 2 and the normal Batman . My worst would must be Superman three and Batman & Robin adopted with the aid of Spiderman 3

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