Does anybody remember this movie called Street Fighter (1994)?

It was based on the video game.


Jean-Claude-Van Damme as Colonel William F. Guile

Raul Juila as General M. Bison

Mina-Na Wen as Chun-Li Zang

Bryon Mann as Ryu Hoshi

Damien Chapa as Ken Masters

Kylie Minogue as Cammy White

Wes Studi as Victor Sagat

Peter Navy Tuiasosopo as E. Honda

Grand L. Bush as Balrog

Jay Tavare as Vega

Andrew Bryniarski as Zangief

Miguel A. Núñez Jr. as Dee Jay

Robert Mammone as Carlos Blanka

Roshan Seth as Dr. Dhalsim

Gregg Rainwater as T. Hawk


Kenya Sawada as Captain Sawada

...don't forget..Simon Callow as A.N. Official

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  • 8 years ago
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    Most riveting speech ever:

    Guile: "Who wants to go home? And who wants to go... WITH ME?!"

    *Unanimous cheering from AN soldiers*

  • 8 years ago

    For sure still got my vhs copy that I was addicted to as a kid

  • Kay
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    8 years ago

    Ha yeah.. Thats a classic for gamers :D

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