bed stuy safe? community experience?

I found an apartment on the cross streets of decatur st and malcolm x blvd near the utica ave A, C train stop. I really like the apartment but do not know much about brooklyn and was wondering if this area in bed stuy is safe? A bunch of people I know have said bed stuy isn't safe, but they don't live there and I was wondering if anyone on here actually knows the area well to give proper advice. I have gone to the area and it looked good as far as I dont go looking for trouble but I also checked crime tracking sites and it looks like there is a lot of violence around that area. I work in the city and don't mind the commute, however I work late nights some times and could be heading home say around 8pm on any given day and I am a young female whom will be living alone. The apartment looks great and has a security system but I am more concerned with the subway in the area at night and the 15 min walk from the subway to the apartment. Thanks for your advise in advance

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    The apartment may be ok but you have to walk around there day and night and do other things. Bed Stuy wasnt good in the 70s, and it appears to be no better now.

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    I just moved to BedStuy two months ago. I live in the same section as you except I am on Halsey Street. The best blocks of BedStuy on that side are Bainbridge, Decatur, Macdonough, Hancock, Halsey and Macon. Your location is close to Stuyvesant Avenue. I have had no issues with this part of the neighborhood. Typically BedStuy get’s “iffy” or worse as you go north, I say past Jefferson Avenue. I’ve been to the side you will be on and while it is not as “prime” as where I am. But it is a lot safer than other parts of BedStuy especially since you are Decatur street. I have taken the A train to Utica and gotten off at 2-3 am and have had no issues. As far as crime goes, you are not living in Park Slope, BedStuy is still the “hood”. While some poor unfortunate innocent people are victims of crime, but a lot of crime that occurs in BedStuy is between people who know each other and have a beef. During the summer time people will be out at 8 pm. Be aware of you surroundings and don’t wander. But you will be fine, BedStuy has gotten a lot safer than it was in the past.

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    Bedford Stuyvesant Safety

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