Should Obama be impeached?

In a little less than a week we see that this president has violated his oath of office, lied to the American Public and broken the law

1. In his oath, he swore to preserve and protect the people of the United States. Yet he and his administration left Americans in Benghazi unprotected, and ignored their pleas for assistance as they were overrun.

2. He then lied to the American public about the truth of the Benghazi incident.

3. He directed the Justice Department to track down "leaks" in his own administration. He allowed the Justice Department, which reports to him directly, to illegally obtain phone records and conversions of Associated Press reporters. He and His Attorney General then lied about it to Congress and the public

4. Acting through the Treasury Department, he had the IRS harass groups and individuals who were targeted because they did not toe the administration line. It is now being reported that this started as early as 2011, before the last election.

By these actions, he may have prevented a fair election.

5. Then he lied about this too.

Any one of these offenses is an impeachable offense. Taken in total, we have a very dangerous person in the White House.

The American People deserve better



Really? Not impeachable?

Better check the Watergate Hearings my friend

Malfeasance of Office is an impeachable offense

They took down Richard Nixon for less

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    Using the IRS as a weapon against his enemies would be grounds for impeachment. It's one of the charges Democrats were going to bring against Nixon. If they can connect Obama to it?

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    Maybe he should, but my impression is that impeachment means nothing now.

    Nixon and Agnew were not impeached; they were threatened with impeachment, and they resigned.

    Even politicians were more civil in those days. In the Nixon-Kennedy presidential election, there was fraud on Kennedy's side, Nixon knew it, but was unwilling to do such an inflammatory thing as make a formal challenge. And it might have made a difference in the outcome of that very close election.

    Times have changed.

    So, what would motivate Obama to resign? Would the threat of impeachment do it? Is any of his misdeeds embarrassing enough? These modern people are sometimes beyond me.

    Anyway, he won't be President too much longer.

  • The liar media is downplaying his transgressions and covering for him but half of Americans including a lot of Democrats believe he should be impeached. Imagine the shrillness of the voices and the hysteria in the Obama media if it were the other way around. The double standard is appalling. There is a lot double going on. The Bible talks about a double mind, a double heart, and a double tongue. Obama has them all. He is Jekyll and Hyde. He has a public persona and a personal persona and they are two different people.

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    Well, even the Gop leadership told their members to " put a sock in it concerning impeachment gab" . So it seems that although mistakes HAVE been made during this administration they are being viewed only as mistakes and not impeachable offences. Btw, I don't personally like this administration and its policies. Like others I am trying to "survive"it.

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    No matter what information is found, Obama will just stick with saying he doesn't know anything and most of the media ( 95% democrat ) will back him up.

    This will work for two reasons ... Most Republicans also believe Obama doesn't know much about anything... at all.

    And most Democrats do not keep up with current events and couldn't really care less about the future of America.

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    YES, 4 Americans died because of this fraud of as transparant Dictator, and Hes violated Many Constitutional rights, what more does He have to do for the Lib. Morons to realize it?

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    This is getting annoying. You only want him impeached because you're a republican and still bitter that Obama won the election. If Bush wasn't impeached for lying his way into war and killing thousands of people, Obama certainly won't be impeached for Benghazi. It's not even similar circumstances. Blame Americans for electing him to begin with and get over it.

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    Even if he does get impeached that doesn't mean that we're rid of him. Clinton was impeached but he didn't have the class that Nixon did and resign.

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    Why do people keep asking this?

    A president can only be impeached if what he does is illegal. Lying is not illegal, friend. Nothing that you list is illegal.

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