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What does the term "compact" mean, in cycling?

I was looking at bikes on the Specialized website and certain models of road bikes have the word "compact" included in their name. The Roubaix, for example has models called the "Roubaix Compact" and the "Roubaix Elite Apex Compact". What does "compact" mean? Does it mean they come in smaller sizes, because I need a larger bike.

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  • John M
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    A compact frame has steeper slope on the top bar. That allows the manufacturer to fit more people with fewer frame sizes.

    A compact chain ring on the other hand has two chain rings 34 and 50 tooth and a larger range cassette so the gearing is about the same as a triple.

  • layhew
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    3 years ago

    What Does Compact Mean

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    From Giant..."At the heart of every Giant performance road bike is a unique frame design that was originally created to give pro road racers an advantage at major events like the Tour de France. Compact Road Design, introduced in 1997, has stood the test of time, winning countless pro races over the past 15 years and setting the performance benchmark for road riders of all levels."

    See this link for more detail.

    Scroll down for frame sizing. Yes they make large sizes too.

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    Compact crankset is used mostly for competition, maybe 42-52 teeth or so.

    Compact frame is smaller for the same size rider. While those are lighter frames, more seat post is left exposed and outside of the support of the triangles that make the frame.

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  • Joyce
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    Stroke can mean a couple thing in terms of engines. One definition is the distance the piston moves up or down in the cyllinder. If you are reffering to 2-stroke vs. 4-stroke, it refers to the way the engine operates over one cycle of the piston. In a 2 stroke engine, the piston moves up and down 1 time between firings, intaking the fuel/air mixture, igniting it and expelling exhaust. In a 4 stroke engine, the piston moves up and down twice to accomplish the same thing. Examples of 2 stroke engines are chainsaws and many other small engines along with some smaller motorcycles, especially dirt bikes. 4 stroke engines are used in cars, large motorcycles and almost every kind of conveyance. They have very different maintenance needs so make sure you understand what you are getting and how to maintiain it properly.

  • Anonymous
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    john m is correct,but with the gears is to save weight,advancement of 9-10-11 cogs/set the compact up front defeats the front triple concept,is abt gear ratios.important is that chainrings standard and compact are not interchangeable.

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