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I was rendering two videos in Sony Vegas Pro 11, but during the rendering my Windows 7 computer got a System Service Exception it appears to be. The screen was freezing, and I saw small purple pixels coming out randomly and disappearing. I thought it was unusual, so then I unplugged my computer and plugged it back in. I turned the power on, and I hear the computer starting but the monitor won't give me a screen. I feel this has something to do with the System Service Exception, and what am I supposed to do? I did this process multiple times, but nothing happened.

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  • Bob
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    7 years ago
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    You should scan your computer with a good up to date malware program and do this before you connect to the internet. And you could do this Hello, You could try shutting it down and when you start it up press F8 repeatedly until you get a screen with the option to boot to the Last Known Good Configuration. Try this first and see if it makes a difference. A second way to get there.

    Start Menu->All Programs->Accessories->System Tools->System Restore. Choose the most recent date before the encountered problem. If it doesn't work, try the next date.

    Hello, Sony's email address >SonyListens@am.sony.com< Sony's support site http://esupport.sony.com/ Here is some information you may need http://www.kb.sony.com/selfservice/microsites/sear... Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc & Xperia Play User Manual [PDF] Hey, I enjoyed your question, I am a retired computer technician. I hope I have helped you...

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  • willey
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    4 years ago

    that sucks. that got here approximately to my comp too. i attempted each and all the anti virus issues and such as you, none of them worked. so i basically reinstalled my computing gadget. this deletes each thing off your computing gadget even with the incontrovertible fact that, so this is beneficial to returned all of it up

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