few months ago shiri had been in algeria , she spent few weeks with this algerian guy but she wants to keep this story secret!! WHY??

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  • 3 years ago

    Shiri Appleby Boyfriend

  • 3 years ago

    that's a toughie. do you choose the "superb element to do" answer or what my loopy butt could do?? ok nicely right here is the two. preferably, i think of you will desire to permit your daughter comprehend which you overheard her communication, no longer on objective yet that she became being loud. And permit her comprehend you're proud that she took that stand together with her boyfriend. in line with probability consult from her relating to the pressures? permit her comprehend she will come to you. or talk whilst the right age could be, I propose if she's closer to 18 you ought to only would desire to permit it bypass. you have had a robust run. If she's like 14 or something, shop talking to her. Me...on a similar time as a mom...i could have a sprint chat with Arnie. deliver your daughter out to the mall jointly with your spouse and function Arnie spend some one on one with you. So he's able to be a guy? permit's see how he feels asking you to have intercourse jointly with your daughter on your FACE!! Scare the crap out of him (dont do something unlawful) and permit him think of you're psycho! permit him comprehend that throughout the journey that your daughter is waiting and he or she comes to a decision to leap on him, nicely there is quite no longer something you're able to do. yet that if he keeps to rigidity her, or in case you even pay attention that he's referred to the challenge, you're going at hand him a handful of his very own nuts!! the final element you choose is a few pimple confronted jerk to rigidity your daughter into doing something she doesnt choose to do. stable stuff dad! you probably did stable!

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    7 years ago


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