Printer not activated, error code -20?

Recently purchased Brother HL-2240 Laser Printer. It is selected as my default printer. I can print from Word perfectly. However, when I try to print from an internet browser, I get the error message, "Printer not activated, error code -20".

Any advice??


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  • 7 years ago
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    The driver for the printer may have become corrupt or outdated somehow. What I'd suggest for a quick repair is this. Disconnect the printer from the computer. Shut down the computer, and then reconnect the printer to the computer. Start the computer normally. If the driver was corrupted ( possibly because of a Windows Update ), this process should cause the computer to automatically look for a new or updated driver. You may see a message that says something like "New Device Found-Installing Driver" if this was the case. Then your printer should work normally as before. Hope this works!

    Source(s): Personal experience.
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  • 3 years ago

    Printer Not Activated

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  • Fred
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    7 years ago

    Make sure that you have the latest driver for your printer and operating system. The CD with drivers may be months old. Quite frequently there is a definite process about when to connect the printer to the computer. Don't connect it too soon.

    While on the internet, press Ctrl-P and make sure your printer is selected.

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  • 5 years ago

    I was also facing same issue with my Brother printer. I tried a lot to fix that however I was not able to fix that. I got this link over the internet. I just visited and made a call on their toll free and got instant help for my printer.

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