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Some Names!!! For A Story I Am Writing!!!!?

The Story is about High School and love. et cetera, so I need names for Characters, please answer Thank you!!! Give at least 3 or 4 Male AND Female Names for each of my characters...

Ghetto -

Intelligent (some Asian names too please?) -

Arrogant (maybe some Hispanic names too?) -

Rich/Preppy -

Middle Class -

Loud -

Redhead (maybe add in a few Irish names?) -

Tough/Street Smart -

Snob (also try to add some Italian names?) -

Smart/Nerdy -

Bully (some Ghetto or Asian names too) -

Laid-Back (some Hispanic names too) -

Psychobilly -

Fat Nerd -

Wise Old Teacher -

Hockey Fan -

Girl/Boy Next Door -

White Trash -

Goofball (some Asian names too please) -

Mommy's Boys/Daddy's Girls (Rich!) -

P.S. Sorry I had to be fastidious with the names, I just want it to be culturally diverse as well, to make it more unique and interesting for the fans. Like The Magic School Bus characters, and that was a very good show. Thanks again, guys.

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    Ghetto- (boys) Dante, Rahim, Malakai (girls) Shanice, Latisha

    Intelligent- (boys) Jeffrey, Oliver, Charles (girls) Lisa, Rosa, Natasha

    Arrogant- (boys) Dilan, Luke, Hicks (girls) Niamh, Cassandra, Alanah

    Rich/Preppy- (boys) Michael, Daniel, Solomon (girls) Atlanta, Penelope, Laura

    Middle Class- (boys) Thomas, Rhys, Benjamin (girls) Eleanor, Courteney, Sara

    Loud- (boys) Alex, Joe, Nick (girls) Emma, Anna, Becka

    Redhead- (boys) Eoin, Patrick, Michael (girls) Soibhan, Shauna, Sadie

    Tough/Street smart- (boys) Amar, Dante, Kano (girls) Lereece, Stace, Polly

    Snob- (boys) Nish, Fabian, Damon (girls) Greta, Georgia, Kaley

    Smart/Nerdy- (boys) Ryan, Max, Zakariya (girls) Olivia, Matilda, Poppy

    Bully- (boys) Toweka, Andy, Stan (girls) Ina, Tracy, Karla

    Laid-back- (boys) Carlos, Ralo, Kurt (girls) Marie, Sophia, Zoe

    Psychobilly- (boys) Jack, Lewis, Pyotor (girls) Maisie, Gem, Layla

    Fat nerd- (boys) Simon, Karl, Ash (girls) Kristy, Emily, Danie

    Wise Old teacher- (boys) Emmet James, Conrad Hill, Dean Wheeldon (girls) Tara Wells, Samantha Ford, Jenny Williams

    Hockey Fan- (boys) John, Timmy, Will (girls) Amy, Alice, Ellie

    Girl/Boy next door- (boys) Tre, Peter, Danny (girls) Katy, Marylin, Evie

    White Trash- (boys) Dicky, Robby, Matty (girls) Lolly, Erin, Shelly

    Goofball- (boys) Jesse, Louis, Jamie (girls) Tammy, Lizzie, Karey

    Mommy's Boys/Daddy's Girls- (boys) Damon, Samuel, Max (girls) Ruby, Verity, Violet

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    Chase = laid back boy parker = street smart boy alfred = intelligent boy dan = mommy's boy zoey = mommy's girl lousia = wise old teacher girl anna = snob girl jade = white trash girl :)

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    You don't want too many characters because personally I hate books that have alot and I don't really care what the names are.

    Just use your name and your friends name and some family names. Don't go all outrageous and unique or else nobody's going to want to read it and nobody will know how to see it.

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