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what influence john updike?

what events during his time influenced him to write.

For example some aurthors wroke during the segregation.

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    Like most authors, much of Updike's writing is based on personal history. His early years in Shillington, Pennsylvania would influence the environment of the Rabbit Angstrom series, as well as many of his early novels and short stories.

    Updike began writing for The New Yorker as his first job out of college and and he has acknowledged the influence of fellow New Yorker poets Odgen Nash and Phyllis McGinley on his light prose. Updike's career and reputation were nurtured and expanded by his long association with The New Yorker, which published him frequently throughout his lifetime.

    Updike's mentor was Vladamir Nabakov but he also drew inspiration from the works of James Joyce, Marcel Proust, Henry Green and J.D. Salinger.

    Source(s): "The John Updike Encyclopedia" Jack De Bellis (Author) Greenwood (Publisher); First Edition edition (September 30, 2000)
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