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Explain the irs scandal to me?

What's happening with the internal revenue service?

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    The IRS is NOT supposed to be a political weapon. Apparently it selectively gave Conservative organizations a problem. Specifically it did this to any organization with certain words in the name, like patriot, 912, or tea. The argument is was this ordered and from how high in the government.

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    IRS is poorly managed. They made $60000 worth of star trek videos according to news stories in March. Google IRS star trek parody and watch the pathetic display of waste. Those are top IRS govt. mgrs featured in that video. Now 2 mo. later we find out that the mgrs were not watching the employees, and employees were allowed to discriminate against conservative groups applying for tax exempt status. Now Obama is appointing a new commish to investigate whether anything was illegal or whether the White house ordered the discrimination. Well what appointee is going to say there was??? The scandal here is .... how did incompetents get into positions of power at the IRS. Who in their right mind would think spending $60000 of taxpayer money so that a few execs could pretend to be star fleet command a good idea.

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    the tale you tell approximately obama using criminal tricks to get his warring parties faraway from the pollis right, besides the fact that it applies to his 2nd marketing campaign. He lost the 1st one, and vowed in no way to place self assurance in human beings to vote for him extremely ever lower back.

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