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Do I have salmonella?

The chicken was left out for about 12 hours and it was from a supermarker,I cooked it for about 5minutes , it was white on the outside and fully pink on the inside. I ate about a half a chicken breast. I ate it about a 3 hours ago. Is there a risk of salmonella?

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    Actually not if it was cooked for 5 minutes, OK.

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    have confidence me, you do no longer opt to return down with Salmonellaosis. It would not be relaxing and a maximum cancers affected person would desire to die by using fact they have a weakened immune device as this is. i've got not heard they have been observing salmonella as a maximum cancers treatment. in spite of the incontrovertible fact that, in lots of cases whilst micro organism or viruses are used to make drugs or vaccinations, purely areas or components produced by making use of those bugs are used for the relatively drugs. i do no longer think of that a maximum cancers treatment would contain getting foodstuff poisoning.

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