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What are good mountain bikes?

1. What are mountain bike brands?

2. How do you pick out a mountain bike?

3. What is their price range?


I'm going to be using this bike to urban mush with my husky.

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    1. What are mountain bike brands? "Good" mountain bikes are found at your authorized, independent, knowledgeable, friendly, local BICYCLE shop. Not K-Mart, Target or the dreaded Wally World. Tons of good brands...Giant, Raleigh, Trek, Fuji, Cannondale, etc., etc. Look at the quality of the components on each individual bike. Price usually tells all. The more it costs - the better the bike.

    2. How do you pick out a mountain bike? You go to the bike shop & TEST RIDE them.

    3. What is their price range? Your basic "entry level" mountain bikes will start in the $450 - $500 price range. They can go into the thousands of dollars. Get one based on "where & how" you will be riding. If you won't be going on any severe off-road trails, you don't NEED a mountain bike. Read "Bicycles: How to Choose" on this link...

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    1. I am a former street and monitor racer who has in latest years taken up cross nation mountain biking. At the moment I choose mountain biking to using on the street for a couple of factors: a. Although you may also extra frequently have minor falls when mountain biking (because of the extra technical terrain and many others), at the least you are not prone to be hit via a automobile, bus or truck - which can of path effect in far more extreme accidents. B. Generally speakme, mountain biking can take you to more scenic areas. Nonetheless, i've observed two slight negative aspects of mountain biking: a. You look to be very a lot littered with an absence of fitness - I relatively consider it if i'm climbing up a steep uphill on my mountain bike. B. Prior to now couple of years my mountain bike has needed more ordinary upkeep than my avenue bikes ever did. The chain and rear cluster seem to wear down so much quicker than it does on a avenue bike. 2. Basically, the more you pay, the easier your bike will be. So how so much you spend must be decided with the aid of your own monetary predicament. On the very least, i might advise getting a motorcycle with all alloy components. Rear suspension can also be good, but recollect that it'll add weight to your bike and that you will regularly need to spend much more money to get a "twin suspension" bike that is as mild as a "tough-tail".

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    Mountain biking proves to be an ideal alternative for the growing number of older Americans who may be suffering from knee injuries after years of high-impact sports, such as running. The sport offers similar cardiovascular benefits to running, but without the impact on your joints. Former president George W. Bush took up mountain biking after a knee injury put an end to his running regimen. Mountain biking is a great way to get fit and healthy whilst having a fun and sociable time with other bike riders.

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    The good bikes are sold in bike shops not department stores. Go to the local bike shops and tell them where you want to ride and get a bike designed for that.


    For Urban riding you don't want a mountain bike.

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    Try specialized with some wide terrain tires. Woks for me:). Sorry I don't know the price. Just ask to have a 2 min trial on the bikes.

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