Any good speed reading tests?

I just fancy knowing how fast I read, I typed speed reading tests into google but none of the ones that came up had a comprehension section at the end, which seems a bit pointless as I could just skim the text and not read it (I have a bad habit of skimming and not realising) so anyone got any with a comprehension test? and how many wpm can you read?:)x

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    7 years ago
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    Comprehension tests are useless because they are really only memory tests. They test your recall of trivia, your ability to guess what will come up on the test, or simply your pre-existing knowledge of the information. The point of reading is to get the 'point' not to remember the details that might be asked in a test.

    Tell me, don't you already know whether you are understanding what you are reading or not? It sounds like you do because you say you are aware of when you are only skimming.

    The best way to read with comprehension is to concentrate more on meaning than on speed. Faster reading comes from faster understanding, not vice versa. Force yourself to stay connected with the material -- form a tunnel between the text and your mind-- and don't continue reading if you aren't actually seeing the ideas in your imagination.

    Often the real purpose of so called comprehension tests is to use a simpler test at the end of a course to fool you into thinking you've improved your reading and gotten smarter.

    Unless you're testing someone else to see if they really read something, comprehension tests won't tell you yourself anything about your comprehension that you don't automatically know on your own.

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    4 years ago

    What worked for me was reading a little passage from a book before bed every night and making up questions about it that were in that passage that i needed to answer... also don't think about the time. If you don't think about how much time you have you will more than likely finish in the alloted time you have and always remember you always have mutiple times you can take the SAT! ;-)

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