Why is My Little Pony so popular?

Hi, I'm a 17 years old man (straight, I want to say that) and too curious of things.

Wednesday I watched a video where a guy uses MLP voices while he plays Call of Duty, and I read all the comments of that video.

I immediately saw a lot of grown males who follow MLP saying that it is a different show, not only for little girls.

I wanted to search more and wanted to know why there are so many "Bronies" around. Tuesday I made a decision: lets watch a few episodes so I can understand what attracts everyone to this show.

And before I could realize it, I watched the whole first season of MLP. If, one week ago, someone had said me I would enjoy it, I'd have replied "I'm not gay"... but this show is NOT gay! (Well, except for all that freaking sweetiness in the environment and that intro everyone hates, me included)

Maybe I like it because it has a good plot and the protagonists have valors in characters (like loyalty or generosity), it teaches something (explicitly) everytime, or because it is completely different to other cartoons I watched before, or maybe because I see myself like some of the characters, I love their personality.

I don't know why I like it, I just know I like it. I'm feeling that I'm part of a community and proud of it.

Why do you like this cartoon? What do you think of what I wrote? And why aren't some episodes of the second season avaliable in some countries? Give your opinions everybrony!

A new one.


I know why I like it: because it shows how friendship should be! I don't have something like that in my life... I just show what others want I am, but I'm not like my friends want I am.

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    I think you've just answered your own question.

    I asked my big brother why he liked MLP.

    He said: "cause it's awesome."

    I didn't know this show until he showed the first episode to me. At first I was reluctant to watch it because I thought: "I'm 15 years old! I shouldn't watch this type of stuff." But after the 1st episode, I wanted to watch more, and before I knew it, (just like you) I managed to watch the whole season all in one day (including a few episodes of season 2). Maybe the reason why many people of all ages like this show is because it's funny AND it has morals after every episode. My little sister's crazy about this show, my brother and I are too. I mean, the show is made by the same people as "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends" (That show is still my favorite) and they also re-designed the pony characters differently compared to the old MLP! (which used to be weird, dinosaur-ish things on 4 legs, a mane, and a symbol at the side of their butts) Now they look ADORABLE.

    If my answer is wrong, then it must be magic that done this to the many people that watched MLP. It's a shame that this show hasn't aired yet in my country. It took a whole year after the first airing of adventure time to come to our cartoon network here. (I wonder how long this show will take to get here.) Also, I think there are more BRONIES than SISNIES. [whenever I talked about MLP to my girl-friends, they'd say I'm immature and the show is weird, but when I talk about MLP to my guy-friends, they go full-on fanboy mode on me.]

    PS. Everything about MLP is the most PERFECT thing that your eyes could ever see, and my brother is 22, which makes him an old man. - _ -

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    It isn't a show for everyone. As a male in my mid 20's I can say I watch the show. I am not the kind of person that judges based on appearence. I was intrigued. So I gave it a chance with an open mind and watched it. I can honeslty say the development and thought put in the show is superior to most of what has been put out for the last 10 years with few exceptions. Thiose exceptions mostly being shows that the various members of the crew of this show had a part in. But you can't just watch 1-2 episodes once while letting bais get in your way. You'd have to get like 9-10 episodes in to see the quality. The characters, development and stories are rather well written if you look at it closely enough. I would say why it has such a large male following is that we tended to not grow up so to speak. After all cartoons were a part of our lives and childhood. Many of us still watch cartoon no matter hop much they would eny it. And so by extension we know when a show doesn't suck. This is why some shows are more popular.

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    My Little Pony Popular

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    I have seen season 1, 2 and 3 with my 6 year old niece and I still don't understand why older guys like it. It has plenty of musicals, colorful ponies, lessons about friendship and it oozes girly goodness. It was obviously aimed for little girls like my niece and if Hasbro wanted a different audience; they would have made a new show. So logically you should love the environment and the intro too. I'm not gonna call you queer for liking the show but you should like things for what they are entirely. When I think about Hasbro's push to create MLP FIM; I look back at what cartoons have succeeded over the years. Other girl toy franchises like Laloopsy and Barbie fail to attract the target audience so somewhere down the line; Hasbro must've had a meeting to reflect "what are we doing wrong?" The problem lies in marketing, no little girl will buy a toy about a generic idea, you need other media sources to sweeten the deal like a good cartoon and that's how we end up with MLP FIM. ---Hasbro saw that the My little Pony toy sales were plummeting and they needed fresh ideas to save the franchise like a cartoon and a new look for the toy lines. Lauren Faust, the co- creator of the Powerpuff Girls was asked to develop the My little Pony show which she was in charge of until she left My little Pony FIM after season 1. The new contemporary design is a bubbly, almost anime style that closely resembles the Powerpuff Girls's trademark bug eyed heads. The idea to focus around friendship is something extremely common in the world of anime so it's no surprise alot of My little Pony fans make anime art of it.

    Source(s): Saw a post about Lauren Faust and this show when I was looking for a season 3 of the Powerpuff Girls dvd online.
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    This Site Might Help You.


    Why is My Little Pony so popular?

    Hi, I'm a 17 years old man (straight, I want to say that) and too curious of things.

    Wednesday I watched a video where a guy uses MLP voices while he plays Call of Duty, and I read all the comments of that video.

    I immediately saw a lot of grown males who follow MLP saying that it is a...

    Source(s): pony popular: https://tr.im/yrVFP
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    Well, you know people came in expecting it to be crap--I think that helped. If you go in with no expectations, and then find out the show's funny, well-animated, and has fascinating characters in a (usually) intelligent setting, this really does hit the "Good cartoon is good" button for most fans of cartoons.

    And yeah, I get it that _Friendship is Magic_ isn't perfect. Late Season 3 kinda turned out bad. The Season 3 finale was a train-wreck. And I found a couple of Season 2 episodes a bit too dumbed-down really.

    Still, out of 65 episodes having a good solid 61-64 of them turn out good? That's a solid if not superb track record. That's the sign of a good cartoon.

    And it's also a sign that people will _watch_ slice-of-life comedy and/or character-oriented shows if they're done well. Seriously, if it's good it doesn't _matter_ who the program was really for originally....well, except maybe for your executive sorts at Hasbro, odds are they're not fond of the idea of an all-ages fandom, but hey.

    Now, if I can _only_ make it through the year-long wait for Season 4 without the _Bronies_ on YouTube making me crazy. Ugh. No offense meant but I get tired of being bashed by haters, and then _bashed again_ by fellow fans.

    Source(s): Oh, and just to be clear: say "no" to Equestria Girls, it's a completely different beast. The art style just isn't right, the setting's gone, most of the characters are not present or accounted for apparently (according to the released synopsis). I should have gotten the clue sooner: it's like Littlest Pet Shop, it's FOR the young girls (only) and not all-ages. Save yourself some embarrassment is what I'm suggesting. (*shrugs*)
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    I couldn't agree more! My little pony: friendship is magic is the best cartoon in years. it succeeds in everything. here are my answers.

    I like the show because it has excellent voice acting, animation, characters, plot and everything else that iv'e missed. THIS SHOW IS AWESOME!

    what you wrote is alot like my reaction when i first heard of the show. i thought it was dumb and girly at first. but after i gave it a chance, i fell in love with it. especially the character's personality. after i was done with the first 2 seasons, i could not wait for the 3rd. and now, im very excited for the 4th season and the movie coming out(Equestria girls).

    right now, all the episodes in the US have been taken down from youtube. but since i live in Canada, i can still watch it, probably because they make the show in Vancouver(Canada).

    Bottom line, this show is everything good, i hope this show won't end anytime soon!

    Source(s): My little pony: Friendship is magic
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    OK I AGREE mlp is the best show ever!!!!!!! in the new equestria girls movie and tv sho the voices fit perfectly with the CHARACTERS and personality!!! i also can't wait for season 5. me my big bro and mom also love it. in the next season i want the streamer effect to go you know in mlp when some thing good happens streamer fall it makes me crazy. again i love mlp.

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    Thankyou for the answers EVERYONE <3

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