Environmental Engineer Interview?

I'm doing an essay for English honors and we need to interview someone who is in the profession that we are researching. Now, I don't know of any environmental engineers that live nearby, so I'm asking here instead.

The interview questions are:

Q: What is your name? (for APA citation)

Q: What is your job?

Q: What is your title?

Q: What are your hours / schedule?

Q: What do you do in/at your job?

Q: What kind of educational background do you have? (college,PhD, etc)

Q: What are the positive aspects of your job?

Q: What are the negative aspects of your job?

Anyone who can help has my utmost thanks!


Name is optional, title is optional, and schedule is optional for those of you that fear that a kid in high school could find & harass you. :|

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  • John W
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    8 years ago
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    That's a lot of personal information. People would have to be idiots to give you actual answers to such questions on the Internet. Of course, there are plenty of idiots on the internet, I would just hope they're not engineers.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    I run a sewer plant and that i'm state approved.Are you wanting shape or operations engineering?I would desire to take meter readings of flow entering into,alter chemical feeds to extend or shrink PH,visual show unit Bleach dosing for Disenfection and pull micro organism counts daily to fulfill our state enable for discharge to a lake or flow.I additionally would desire to dry out the solids we eliminate out of the water in the previous a dumptruck hauls it to the landfill to be buried making use of Centrifuges,Belt presses,and Rabble furnaces(Incinerators).for the duration of rainstorms we would desire to make confident not one of the sewage we eliminate is washed downstream to infect eating water reservoirs.My particular plant additionally makes use of ultraviolet lighting fixtures furniture submerged underwater to disenfect the nicely suited plant flow.We use the bleach for our rainwater therapy device from the line drains interior the roads.And for our wash water for the plant,we suck out some water after disenfection for cleansing storage tanks and artwork autos.(We never run out this form and in simple terms clean it back whilst it is going down the drain.)

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