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Anonymous asked in Pregnancy & ParentingBaby Names · 7 years ago

Names And Characters! Names And Characters! Calling ALL creative People!!!?

Hey! BB here! And I would like to present y'all with a quick game to test your creativity and imagination, it's a really cool game, and I remember playing something like this a couple years back on Yahoo Answers. Basically all you gotta do is Make Up a Clique of Characters and add SHORT descriptions to them, oh and make sure y'all do AS MUCH AS YOU CAN! In order to win Best Answer and get your easy 10 Points.

The Generated Cliques:

The Preppy Kids -

The Cool Kids -

The Nerds -

The Populars -

The Loners -

The Rebels -

The Hip-Hoppers -

The Mall Girls -

The Ginger Kids -

The Weirdos -

The Townies -

The Average Joes/The Plain Janes -

P.S. Do your most favorite, you don't HAVE do do ALL OF THEM! But if you do, that will result in an instant Best Answer!!!

3 Answers

  • 7 years ago
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    Preppy -

    Chantay, has to be a part of everything, usually the leader and know everybody's business.

    Becky, extremely religious and does her best to convert everybody. Wants to be everybody's friend.

    Tori, takes on way more than she can handle, is a a teen pageant star.

    Tristan, Tori's gay best friend. Always supporting her antics and helping with things get rough.

    Cool -

    Marisol, friends with everyone and always the spark of things. Can be overwhelming.

    Katie, Marisol's best friend. More on the quiet side and there to balance out Marisol's crazy.

    K.C, essentially a nice kid, spent most of his life in a group home.

    Mike, a jock. Pretends to be an arrogant asshole, but is a really caring guy.

    Nerds -

    Wesley, is a little over enthusiastic. Extremely sweet and thoughtful.

    Connor, has ADHD and problems fitting in with most people, but is dating a popular girl.

    Maya, is really musically talented and good at science. Is best friends with Tori.

    Clare, is actually quite popular, but her love for school weighs down on what she could be.

    Populars -

    Jenna, got pregnant at 16 but gave the baby up. A well known teen pop star. Dating Connor.

    Alli, ex best friend of Jenna. Extremely smart, but more focused on her image.

    Paige, puts on a bitchy mask everyday, but is really broken inside. Very girly, studying fashion.

    Manny, tries too hard to get attention even though she already has it. Enemy of Paige.

    Loners -

    Imogen, is eccentric and not afraid to be herself. But most people are turned off by that.

    Mo, slightly overweight. Associates with who he wants only when he wants. Dating Marisol.

    Sean, acts like he has no feelings. But is actually extremely sensitive.

    Jane, the female equivalent of Sean.

    Rebels -

    Bianca, into the party scene but is starting to make a drastic change.

    Eli, the more outrageous, dark male version of Imogen. They dated for a short time.

    Chloe, the classic good girl gone bad. Became drug addicted but is now clean.

    Jay, a nice guy but he has trouble processing that his actions may have negative effects on people.

    Mall Girls -

    Fiona, a rich, image obsessed lesbian.

    Mia, a model with strong determination. Has a daughter.

    Darcy, comes from a religious home, is a real girly girl. Enemy of Mia.

    Lauren, a headstrong fashionista.

    Weirdos -

    Leia, a quiet, intelligent girl. Her secret hobby is larping.

    J.T the class clown. Is extremely weird, but everybody loves him.

    Derek, is very difficult to understand. Not good with girls, and tries too hard.

    Danny, Derek's much cooler twin. Dating Leia.

    Averages -

    Adam, an FTM transgender. But manages to stay under the radar.

    Emma, the gorgeous step daughter of a teacher, Manny's best friend.

    Anya, good friends with most people, especially the outcasts. Very intelligent and quiet.

    Dave, Adam's best friend. Alli's boyfriend, very smooth but not extremely popular.

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  • 4 years ago

    Persona 1: Hayden, Ginger or Ginny for brief (I form of have a Ginny Weasley picture in my head), Adair, Hailey (now i have a snapshot of Hayley Williams from Paramore) personality 2: possibly Sasha (now i have a image of Bratz in my head, I are inclined to image matters alot). She seems rather tomboy-ish so it might be a good inspiration to use a boys name, as they're becoming increasingly standard for women: Scout, Emerson, Gracen, Sawyer, Alex, Riley personality three: Sakura (eastern, but nonetheless lovable), Suri, Emilie, Ico, Kaia character four: Lola, Emerson Rose, Gracie, Kristin, Lo, Ashley, Brittany, Heidi

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  • The preppy kids:

    Ryan: he's cool, collective, and thinks he's all that. Truthfully a bit clumsy around the girl he likes, Chelsea. He has short dark hair, warm brown eyes and a perfect smile. Loves to play guitar.

    Chelsea: she's pretty, popular, and she knows it. Her father is a lawyer and she lives in a big house on the outskirts of town. She has a closet full of clothes and her dyed blonde hair is always perfect. She's had a lot of boyfriends and slept with several.

    Stefan: Chelsea's current boyfriend. He's got medium short brown hair and gray eyes. Totally hottie! He has more morals than Chelsea, and as a result refuses to sleep with her to which she half jokingly replies that he's "gay". Their relationship is rocky, and he has a crush on Rebecca but is afraid to break up with Chelsea.

    Leslie: yellow blonde hair and blue eyes. Extremely skinny. Christian. Leslie is the girl who tries to fit in with the popular clique. She used to be a weirdo but not so much anymore (at least she doesn't think so!) Despite the religious lifestyle she grew up in, Leslie has become a notorious whore and sleeps around a lot. She looks up to Chelsea, especially after her parents divorced.


    Rebecca: Stefan's crush. Curly blonde hair, blue eyes and nice figure. Rebecca is very quiet and shy. She has "friends" but the majority of them are faker than plastic so she doesn't even count them anymore. She likes acting and would like to become famous. She suffers from depression, and doesn't think she could ever be with anyone like Stefan. She has feelings for him but his flirtatious behavior confuses her.

    Peter: One of Rebecca's only friends who isn't completely worthless. He's kind of like a rocker, and wears a lot of leather pants and eyeliner. He considers himself a ladies man and wears a lot of designer brands. He has prosperous adoptive parents. His real parents were murdered when he was just a boy. The memory of the incident bothers him still. He used to be bestfriends with Ryan, but they butted heads over Chelsea. Now he likes someone else.

    Tiffany: Peter's current girlfriend. She's very fiesty. Long dark hair and tan skin. She has a belly button ring and likes to show it off. She won't take crap from anyone. She's often found eating cherries, and loves to tell off the popular crowd. She's had a heap of abusive boyfriends in the past, and one of them named Ricky still harasses her when given the chance. He is known as her "biggest mistake".

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