Geometry help: right triangle inscribed in a circle with a tangent and angle bisector?

A right triangle ABC with right angle at B is inscribed in a circle and a tangent to the

circle is drawn at A. The bisector of angle ACB meets A.B at D and the tangent at E. Prove

that angle AED equals angle ADE. [

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  • 7 years ago
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    I had to draw myself a picture to see this:

    AC is a diameter of the circle [hypotenuse of an inscribed right triangle]

    AE is perpendicular to AC [tangent to, and diameter of, the circle]

    Angle CAE is a right angle [definition of perpendicular]

    Angle CBD is a right angle [given]

    Angles ACE and BCD are congruent [bisection of angle ACB]

    Triangles AEC and BDC are similar [angle-angle similarity]

    Angle AEC equals angle BDC [corresponding angles of similar triangles]

    Angle AED equals angle AEC [same angle]

    Angle BDC equals angle ADE [vertical angles]

    Angle AED equals angle ADE [transitive property of equality]

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  • 3 years ago

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