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How to bend an image using GIMP?

I have searched and searched for this but all I find is something I can't use.

Basically, I'm trying to bend an image without distorting it into a way for it to become unusable.

For the sake of you understanding what I am trying to achieve: If I have a picture of a tube, and I want it to perform a turn, a spiral, etc.

Hopefully some expert will find this and tell me if it is possible at all.

Thanks is advance!


hmm, perhaps I should show you what I mean

Please look at this picture:

Update 2:

Maybe you didn't understand the picture... I made it.

I wish to bend the train tracks into the new form.

Best results so far with "Cage Transform".

Thanks again!

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    Yes of course it's possible in GIMP to bend images.

    There are several methods.

    The simplest is probably Filters > Distorts > Curve Bend.

    Also in Filters there's Map > Map Object > you can choose from plane, box, sphere, or cylinder.

    If you want to swirl an image into a spiral try Filters > Distorts > Whirl and Pinch.

    Edit > That's not a bend, it's just a curved shape - you can make curves and curved shapes in GIMP using the paths tool, then turn the path into a selection, then you can fill it. Google for a tutorial like this "GIMP paths tutorial". Have fun!!

    Here's an example using a curved path and filling it:

    Edit 2> Train tracks, I don't see any train tracks.

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    I guess photoshop can help you

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