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1.______ so many visitors today that I feel exhausted.(B)

a.We'd been having b.We were having c.We've been having d.We'd had

2.I found my vase _____ into pieces.(A)

a.break b.breaking break d.broken

3.I felt my heart _____ with you.(A)

a.beat be beating c.beaten beat

4.I have been waiting for you _____ five o'clock.(D) b.from c.for d.since

5.My little brother is always good while my mother _____.(D)

a.looks b.will be looking c.has been looking looking

6.How pale that girl is ! I'm sure she _____ .(C)

a.will faint b.will be fainting going to faint to faint

7.I haven't met him for ages,but his mother _____ him sometimes.(C)

a.had still seen b.still sees c.has still seen d.still saw

8.All foreign residents _____ to the nearest police station by june 22.(C)

a.will report c.shall have reported d.have reported





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    The explanation (1)--(8) of what happened in interpretation:-

    (1)B we were having=past continuous tense

    (2)D broken=participle adjective=been broken=broken vase into pieces

    (3)A beat=active voice on the beat

    (4)D since=present perfect continuous tense

    (5)D is looking= is good matches with is looking.

    (6)C is going to faint=is going to die=future tense meaning.

    (7)C has still seen=has seen=present perfect tense just recently!

    (8)C shall have reported=future tense in the passive voice.

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